World Of Warships – Epic Torpedus Dodges & DD Screening & DOMINATION

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World Of Warships – Epic Torpedus Dodges & DD Screening & DOMINATION

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  1. I totally disagree with Baron, I think your channel is so much better than

  2. should make an outro of the intro ship sinking

  3. I love that intro phly

  4. What’s the intro song?

  5. I love DDs so much in this game… had a 140k damage lose in Isokaze today.
    ;( ;( but still the xp is so amazing in them.

  6. G love your play.

  7. Typical giving Russian ships alot of love! Just like the speed they say
    that the Ognevoi can reach 70 knots!? In reality it was only 37 knots!!
    what are they smoking. Read up about the ships coming in, they were pretty
    horrible ships, guns could only last about 100 rounds before they needed to
    be replaced, and pretty horrible hulls.

  8. Sealclubbin’

  9. That one South Carolina driver in the first game, Valorum, really deserved
    some praise. He put up one heck of a fight alone against 3 DDs torping him
    from all sides.

    On the other hand, that friendly Tenyru in the second game…ugh. He was
    heading directly out of the line of fire for Phly’s torps when he launched
    them at 20:14, then turned 180 degrees and steamed right back into what he
    HAD to know was the firing line for no less than 3 friendly DDs. I think
    Phly and Baron’s torps were even visible to him the entire time they were

  10. Jerrett Hagelstein


  11. binitto rodriguez

    half baked is the BESSSTTT, flying to the moon like that bitch alice
    crampton, ‘cuz it’s hard being black and gifted

  12. Phly…Why do the mountains have snow…I just noticed that…Then…What
    altitude is the map? xD
    anyone else notice that? xD

  13. sorry phly that i must say this they dodge too much of your torpedus
    because you fire them wide if you fire them small you will be hit much more

  14. Sail out the honorabur Mogami!

  15. It’s a repload,isn’t it?

  16. Next video should be m4a3 105mm vs He51 PLEASE

  17. hey actually russian torps are going to suck, gremyaschy has 8 km, but the
    rest have like 3.5km

  18. Lukáš Třešňák

    Why do I have a feeling that I have seen this already?..

  19. do jou get XP for spoting? (same as wot)?

  20. Phry dairy berry honorable

  21. such dodge, much WoWs, very RNGesus

  22. Idk but I feel like the ship final explosion has more bass to it now?

  23. Hello guys, dont you know how can i swith off those voice commans please?
    Because it really pisses me of, when full retards spam it every match.

  24. I want that intro for my gameplay of world of warships damn it! i love that

  25. tricity entertainment

    im the 14 coment

  26. Phly is a #hero.He even says on Twitch: If you can’t afford a gift then
    just keep your money.That’s how a #hero is.Phly, you da real MVP.

  27. did you watch half baked sober ?

  28. that intro is so much wet dreams…jeez…

  29. one day i will get first coment. then you will all fell the power of my

  30. Partin the sea with dem torpedus, its a Torpnado! :B Hope youre havin a
    hoot at Twitchcon Phly!

  31. lol rusian DD’s have a tropedo range of 3 km till tier 6 then the get a
    trop range of 4 XD gl whit your dreams XD

  32. Early!!!

  33. Major General Rogers

    Posted 7 minutes ago, 105 views and 9 likes? Hmm, I guess I really am early
    this time

  34. What ship is in the intro?

  35. Phlyyyy!!#hero

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