World of Warships – Epic wins and fails [Episode 2]

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I get it that all of you who watch my videos might not like them, but, please, keep your negative comments for yourself, because we are all here to have fun.


Intro song:
D-Providerz – Flame On The Brain

Outro song:
JKuch – Nova

All the songs’ names are listed in the outro and/or in the description of every video, and I will NOT answer any comments regarding music.


  1. Just so you know, the START PLAYING link doesn’t work. I can click it, but it doesn’t open anything

  2. Daloš IntroChannel

    😀 good video

  3. Derhesligebonsaibaum

    We need more torpedobeats!

  4. I don’t like this, world of tanks is better

  5. cool video

  6. OMG u are awesome !!!

  7. No World od warships! World od tanks good

  8. Oi neem, if u are gonna torpbeat meme. 1rule. Use a eurobeat track, or gtfo

  9. MORE WOWS VINS AND FAILS!!!!!!!?????????

  10. wow… 12 kills (all enemys) for one squad… thats very very impressive. The rest of the team must have been really bad xd And the American Carriers got buffed really hard so its not unnatural to see one shots on (btw. only german Battelships) german Battelships.

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      All hail the AP bombs.
      In the words of Ichase: The introduction of AP bombs is pretty much a german BB nerf. I don’t really have too much a problem.
      You need to turn perpendicular to their approach path to avoid most dmg for AP bombers (and also HE bombers). You need to have “situational awareness”

  11. MOOOOREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Finally in a vid
    Gg bois

  13. Awesome stuff Neme. Keep it up!

  14. Windfall wot blitz fr


  15. World of Warships content is so good! Continue!

  16. On a side note I was playing in an ARP special event ship and it was replaced with the default Kongo in the replay?Anyone know why?

  17. 9:07 not one torpidoe wasted!…

  18. I like these!  Nothing but the “tasty bits”!  Gratitude.

  19. I am loving this new series keep it up.

  20. As a non-WoW player, I still watch the videos because, “why the fk not?”. If its funny or not, idc.

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