World of Warships – Epicenter all day long

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Today I had more epicenter games in a row than epicenter games in general in a while.

I can’t ofc say for sure and WG will never admit it even if it’s true but I bet my ass they play with settings here and there.

Enjoy and have watching 😉

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  1. The Tank Commander

    64. Getting closer to a certain number that Flambass laughs at. He won’t be laughing when he finds out he’s gotta play the USS Montana! That’s for sure!

    • I think by the time you get there, he will gladly play a Monty game, because he now has an out called Tarkov and does not care that much anymore. Playing WoWs and nothing but WoWs with all the broken mechanics and deeply questionable decisions WG has taken over the last couple of years will get to you.

  2. THIRD !! last time i was that early YT just started

  3. That comment is somewhat right. When I play as a dd, I do everything like Spot enemy ships, cap and fight enemy dds and yet my team keeps dying. The BBs and cruisers are either too far back or rush a flank like idiots.

  4. The team sat in mid while the flanks fell

    • i wasnt aware of the Halland pushing our left flank. Somewere in the middle of the Match where i was behind the centre island i shouldve gone for him instead of going back to the right :-/

  5. I loathe epicentre.

  6. Imagine… Epicenter on Two Brothers.

  7. You really should stop playing WoW. For month its no fun anymore watching you, because you have no fun.

  8. It was great seeing that Shima using his guns as often as he was. It’s unbelievable that you can have two great DD games together and still lose.

  9. yep its about time they gave every cruiser heals its rediculous

  10. today was the day i’ve uninstalled WoWS. one of the most satisfying moments ever

  11. I don’t know who else would value this, but I’m usually asleep when you stream but when I have time I watch the videos on twitch. Would you please put the date the video was streamed in the description for anyone who wants to watch this stream specifically?

  12. Its just goes to show that it cant be a one man show its has to be a team effort

  13. Most of my games were epicentre today also, ruined by the CV.

  14. idiotic Thunderer and Hindy just ran away to the north


  16. This happened to me last night, was numerous epicenter after another….

  17. MyopicAutisticMetal

    So The Flambino gets a taste of my WoWS life. Work your ass off only to lose the match anyway.

  18. oh wow i’m on TV. Never thought you’ll upload this one. Thank you again for the +1, means a lot to me =) if only i could play more often with good players^^
    (as mentioned in the stream, i had two DD kills, 110k dmg, 120k spotting dmg, 2 caps. Sadly i had very bad torpedoconnections :-/ )
    *edit* screw it, i’m uploading my view aswell. (i’m not doing this for a living, so make sure to watch this ^ Vid and leave a like for Flambass)

  19. with halland and no smoke thats why i switched to japanese.. i loved its reload but..with those tiny torps..had it been a shima or kagero those hits would have been sinks..

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