World of Warships – Episode 1: Paranormal Insensitivity

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Investigation USS

World of Warships Community Manager Sean Allen his co-host Michael Lovan board the notoriously haunted USS for an overnight Ghost Hunt. Will they discover signs of the undead, or kill each other first?

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  1. The first 3 minutes was a complete waste of time. Could have at least
    delved into the history of the ship, its ghost stories, or done a tour.
    Would have expected better from Wargaming.

  2. Looks like WG is on crack again

  3. Koit “Wolkun” Wolken

    what the fuck is going on?

  4. What the F is this crap? Are you guys actualy spending money on this?
    Wow… Wargaming makes some really great videos but not one of
    them.. wtf….

  5. ive slept in the crew cabins when i was with the boyscouts

  6. Nothing says “we don’t understand our customers” more than this crap.

  7. The Dominion Network

    Why is audio inverted? Sounds comming from right are on left and vice

  8. World of Gayships?
    WTF is this???? :/

  9. Moooooooooooooooo goes the cow

  10. Pena que no Brasil não si comemora dias das bruxas

  11. Why is he Dress like a monkey?

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