World of Warships – Episode 4: Finale

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Paranormal Investigation USS Hornet

In the epic conclusion of their ghost hunt, Michael and Sean come face to face with the ghostly apparitions that have been terrorizing them all night. Sort of.

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  1. I loved it you guys were so funny you know I went to fright dome just a few
    days ago and was not scared at all but watching these and the creepy sounds
    you guys put in the video plus the fear on your faces made the hair on the
    back of my neck stand up lol great job

  2. always like a good ghost story

  3. the only ghosts that exist are in movies and tv shows, everything else is
    just the mind playing tricks on you.

  4. that is freaking weird noisies

  5. This is Halloween…

  6. Great series! The guys could have been a little more respectful though.

  7. Is there a myth the hornet is haunted and why

  8. I can’t stop laughing at how ridiculous these two are!

  9. Wish I was on that ship just to eff with you guys.

  10. I realize to make this more funny etc. That these two are being a bit of
    clowns. However, I really do feel that they are being really

    I myself am atheist and have a scientific thinking. However, I do belive in
    ghost from research and seeing paranormal investigations (hell my mother
    saw her father’s spirit just as he died in Newfoundland outside our window
    in Alberta while we were watching a movie) and the fact is, there is stuff
    within this world we cannot explain….

    I would have loved to take part of an investigations aboard U.S.S. Hornet.

  11. jaja lo único paranormal fueron ustedes jaja ; son los mejores en verdad y
    aún mejor por crear World warships y actualisandolo ; son los Amos ; buen
    vídeo mostrando algunas parte del barco ; saludos desde Perú .

  12. Elijahbiker “EliGames” Games

    Sean: “Can you make your presence known?”
    Ghost: “Nope sorry NDA”

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