World of Warships – Erik the Viking

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Video descriptions are a real pain in the arse to write on a tablet when you’re lying in bed. You’ll just have to trust me on this

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System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Uploaded at 11:30 PM where I live so technically two videos in one day which makes me happy

  2. Leif Erikson was the son of Erik the Red. Both were great explorers but Leif discovered Greenland and North America centuries before the Italian got lost on his way to India.

  3. Erik Pagh Pedersen

    Yes I am a viking, and yes my name is Erik.

  4. Gaming with Izzy

    Witherer Medal? Arsonist Medal? What’s the difference? I’m confused!

  5. Um, actually, 203mm does shatter against the Khabarovsk’s 50mm hull armor. 203/6 = 33.83mm of penetration 😮

  6. He got a kraken! … where’s My Title?

  7. I will feast on the tears of crying kharborovsk captains if wargaming ever adds a citadel to that ship 😉

  8. 4:39 how did you know I have a Tail.

  9. TemporaryINTER135

    RUS DD are bullshit compared to other DDs, they should have a citadel to compensate for their overperformance.

  10. Ronald de Rooij

    Russian bias cofirmed.

  11. Jingles you lazy bastard xD

    I demand video description

  12. ThatAussieBloke

    I remember back in the days when DD’s did have citadels… in Closed Beta….. It was rough

  13. Destroyer Inazuma

    Good game! Great performance by the Khaba, the flaTaiho also delivered

  14. What a game!

    Thanks for sharing

  15. I should mention that this was on the NA server.

  16. 11:55
    * Sees wall of torpedoes incoming *

    *Suddently, torpedobeats*

  17. All that zooming in and out has me seasick, why you do this??

  18. I call Russian bias

  19. I think this is further justification for Russia to invade the Baltic states…

  20. ExtremeDeathman

    Actually Jingles, his name is Leif. Erikson/Eriksson means son of Erik. Just saying…

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