World of Warships – Escorted

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No, not that kind of “escort”, get your minds out of the gutter!

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  1. I’m surprised there was no commentary about JB using AP instead of HE on the Delny. I know he has higher damage AP with his Petro but it can’t really be *that* good, can it?

    • Delny has 50mm plating in places that can arm the Petro’s AP, doing massive damage while also stopping the HE. That being said, it only works if you hit the right spots and HE also does more module damage so HE might have been a better option. I think if he had taken slightly more care with the aim he could have killed the delny faster too. A lot of shots were landing ahead because he wasn’t compensating for the change of speed.

    • It’s not. Just wanted to make that comment 😅 Multiple salvos with ricochets and overpens, that was kinda painfull to watch.

  2. Wow. 1200 more BXP than the #1 in the winning team. I’d be gutted. But what an excellent game, what a slaughter.

  3. This is what happens when you fire AP at destroyers.

  4. wholly molly, 2.5K reward for one battle, and on the loosing side! Never seen anything like that before!

  5. He would have won if he had switched to HE instead of stubbornly firing nothing but AP the entire match

    • Seeing as this was apparently his first battle with the AP upgrade, he was likely limit testing it.

    • @Aurelion Sass limit testing is one thing. Firing nothing but AP at a nose in destroyer is just stupid.

    • to put it in persepective:
      it was only a random match. Pretty sure he had fun and in my book THAT is the purpose of a game.
      It’s a pitty that so many people get caught up in this “only the result counts” or some sort of numbers-game, cause it makes you kinda clench up in your life no matter what you do.

    • @Sporting1210 Now that right there is the correct mindset.

    • @Sporting1210 i personally don’t have fun watching AP shells bounce off an angled destroyer when i have HE available but that’s just me. There’s plenty of ways to have fun without doing stuff that is obviously not going to work.

  6. I know he had extra damage on his AP but if he’d changed to HE for the Delny he could have killed it sooner and perhaps changed the ending.

    • exactly

    • Depends whether he hit the armored belt or not (yes, Delny has a thick belt like the Khabarovsk before it)

    • @Nab Highly unlikely to do that 5 times in a row with all 9 guns?
      But the real point is that with Airship escort kills at the end don’t matter, if you aren’t in your circle or enemy circle. Too many of the team stood at range instead of closing in. Jingles said it at the start – this operation is, unfortunately, a brawl not a snipe.

    • ​@NabI took the comments section to say “How did that DD ‘ricochet’ two CA armour-piercing rounds?!?”.
      Then I found the OP comment.
      Then I found this reply.

      Really? Really WG?!?

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen 2 consecutive double strikes before now? Well done!

  8. That sub’s play at the end was brilliant. He knocked the Petro (the *only* friendly ship ptfo) out of the objective. And that Incomparable may have died sitting broadside, but he held the friendly objective while pushing his own through the choke *single-handedly* as three friendly ships just sat there. Look at the Hindy (one of the best cruisers for this mode) actually kiting *away* instead of pushing in.

  9. Ironically enough because of WGs spaghetti coding the legendary mod is the worst of your 3 options in the 6th slot for Petro. You either lose a lot of DPM for a slight accuracy buff, or you lose range AND accuracy at all ranges past 12km on top of already losing that 1x of each ability.
    It’s… not good

  10. Wow, great game. Can’t say they didn’t do their best.

  11. “Right you little…shit there torpedos” jingles commentary doesn’t fail to make me laugh

  12. I don’t play world of warships anymore, or world of tanks for that matter. I still watch this videos almost every day because of you Jingles. Thank you

  13. Airship Escort is (or _was_ since I don’t play anymore) one of my favorite game modes. I could do relatively well in my light cruisers in it, spamming HE at destroyers and battleships. Good game by JB, pity the Worcester player knew what he was doing – which is well played as well, of course.

  14. That was an incredible game, thank you for sharing.

  15. That was fun to watch! Thanks Jingles 🙂

  16. This is insane he deserve that win….

  17. Props to the enemy team playing to the objective. With the incomparable holding the line, the sub doing a suicide run to buy his teammates some more time, they were all trading their lives to push their airship further.

  18. Best replay I have seen in a while. Had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing. TheJbGuy, you had an awesome personal victory despite the team’s defeat. Well done!

  19. That was a great game! Escort is now in randoms, so I’m sure you’ll be getting more replays of this game mode.

  20. Thank you Jingles. Now that I know what the special game mode is, and what to bring, I’ll be able to perform less like a newbie.

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