World of Warships – Essex 6.14

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6.14 introduced new Carrier loadouts a good amount of the American Carriers. I take out the and get into a extremely tense game. Hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX American Carrier Essex Replay


  1. lol “Europe get ready for a lot of aircraft” during the last weeks 8 out of 10 matches had cvs in them. anyway, thanks for your vids !

  2. That base xp is frankly pathetic for this much of a carry! 6 Kills, 2 DS, High Caliber, Confederate and barely 2k base xp?! Doing the same in any other ship class would have been at least 2.5k, probably closer to or even more than 3k.

    That’s just wrong.

    • HerrRoehrich 2890 = barely 2K? I want some of whatever you’re smoking…

    • 2094 is barely 2K. Base exp is what most people see. Seem like you won’t get what he is smoking….

    • @Narcoleptic
      2889 was the base XP the Ibuki got which finished 1st in the rank. Notser finished 2nd in the rank with 2094 base XP.

    • It’s been like this for CVs since the economy nerf almost 2 years ago where they normalized earnings and significantly reduced exp + credits gained from dealing damage to enemy ships. WG said they were tired of CVs always being at the top of the team (you know, when CVs were really good) which is what spurred on the change. I have a 311k damage Taihou game with about 1.8k base xp (mind you there was a squall and I was mostly striking T10 BBs but still). Of course you can get 2.4k games, but it requires (I’m reading off a screenshot of a result where I got 2.4k base xp): 55 planes shot down and 150k damage across mostly CAs a couple BBs and a sole DD. As a CV main, I always feel like we receive the short end of the stick when it comes to WG’s balancing department (or lack thereof), but hey you kind get accustomed to it. Was the economy nerf warranted? At the time, maybe but I think things have changed since. Did/do I like the economy nerf? No, but what can you do.

      I’ll just wait for the next CV nerf/AA buff to come along so I can have something else to worry about when I play them. Hope this offers some insight and have a nice day/night!

  3. Well, about the odd player behavior when trying to dodge CV strike: When you nerf the CV, causing fewer and fewer player to play them, that happen. 😉

  4. Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere

    man i will fall asleep for watching someone playing CV ZZzzZZ lol

  5. Notser, why are you selecting aircraft with the mouse? If you double table the keyboard number for the aircraft group, itll pan your view over to it automatically…secret trick

  6. Fire on deck should compromise AA or Defensive fire .ye you can knock out AA guns but it takes to long pretty sure no AA gunner can keep Focus with a Massive fire right next to him

    • Realistically, they could, whenever an aircraft carrier was hit, gunners were trained to continue firing, best examples of this is the Enterprise, where we actually have footage of this happening. Most impressive example is the USS Smith who continued to fire its guns at aircraft despite a torpedo plane crashing into it, with the torpedo detonating.

    • Torpedoes does not put ships on fire .the explosion shock wave on deck will most likely help stop the Ship from Catching fire ..My point is the are to many thing s preventing CV to do there jobs temperately .Nothing is stopping AA beside cool down .OH ye some ships dont even need DF anyways ..
      AA takes no Skill .avoiding AA heavy ship tricking them to use DF getting good hits AND praying to RNGeesus
      is alot Harder then Pressing T or point and Click ..
      PS nothing is realistic on this game it can’t be or the balance will be really bad.
      This game was kinda easy Only a Iowa and Baltimore with very good AA ..very Rare Match up for me atleast .and it will get worse now .The red CV sucked

    • SCI no, what happened on the Smith wasn’t a torpedo impact, the plane crashed into it and the torpedo it was carrying exploded. As for AA balance, I’m not here to get into that, I was simply implying that gunners don’t stop shooting from fire on board.

  7. Those fokin tash idiots again…

  8. When you sunk the Atago you should have put in chat “bye bye noob” just to spike the guy for saying the same thing to the Izumo. It would have been sweet justice.

  9. Much to learn you still have young CV Padawan 😛 it was allright but there where quite some plays you could have done better, expecially about your Dmg guesses on ships you dot, this game game could have been far less stresful for you and your team. Also I have some fighter advice, you had them grouped up most of the Time, but you should split them up for both flanks so you can either react to enemy air raids ( which would have helped the Izumo at the start) or just to spot the enemy ships when your team doesn’t have LoS. There are other things too but i don’t want to go into too much detail here ^^

    • I noticed it very often. As soon as there is a kill to steal Notser completely ignores the objective and goes for the kill. He could have done more for his team mates, for them to survive, but then he probably would not have gotten a Kraken.

    • The fighter point went instantly up in my mind as well … so much spotting and air cover/interceptions lost is a little sad and one of the most common mistakes i see CVs doing.

  10. You said at the start AP bombs were not as good against DDs as you hoped. What did you hope? I am really curious about that.

  11. Lex bit the dust on this update. Only one fighter squad. Meanwhile Japs get 2 to 3 fighter squads and Graf zep gets 10 fighters in it’s squad one squad

  12. Personally when I have two fighter squadrons I like to put one between A and B, and the other between B and C. They are close enough that you can send one to support the other, or you can send both of them out to gang up on an enemy CV strike group, while also spotting any DDs that push into the caps. This is good for beginning of game and other instances where you don’t know where enemy aircraft are.

  13. Of course now between the glut of CVs and all the pan asian DDs ships that are forced to chose defensive AA or hydro are pretty screwed

  14. I just unlocked the VI tier Ryujo yesterday, and am having my first goes with manual attacks. I will admit, on my second day, I’m pretty terrible with it but hope to get better. Haven’t got the flight control mods yet, so I only have the 1/1/2. Any advice will be well welcomed of course.

    But I would also like to share a story about one game I de-planed a 3/1/1 Ryujo, man I love strafe! I’m also getting in love with being able to hit DDs with bombs! Still, I suck bad (below 10k damage games). But I hope to get better.

    • And also you should learn how to double torp with your manual aiming ( Meaning you use both squadron to torp a target in one direction). It will come in very handy in case you bump into any OBT vet. ( New player and recently joint player tend to be very terrible at dodging carrier strike, skill OBT veteran is very skill at torp dodging, so you have to go alpha strike when facing them)

    • Yeah good point, yet that is part of stacking squadrons.

      Also, learning to ‘cross-drop’ on DDs is quite nice, it works well in the Ryujo.

      But even though this might seem overwhelming, it can all be learnt quite quickly.

    • Thanks for all the advice, will spend the weekend trying to learn it all! :]

    • No problem, good luck 🙂

    • Try practicing in scenarios. A good RJ can absolutely dominate in Scenarios and there is more room for mistakes + you get to practice dropping manually.

  15. Good job! Keep working on those fighters though. They could have used more fighter support on the north side.

  16. Buckeyefan31x Go Bucks!

    NOSTER you made a mistake about the Essex, you don’t get tier 9 fighters or tier 9 torpedo planes. Only tier 9 bombers. The Essex is the only American CV that doesn’t match it’s planes with its tier! The Lexington gets it max tier 8 and the midway get it’s tier 10 fighters and bombers. It’s at a huge disadvantage against Japan’s tier 9 Cv

    • Yeah I’m not sure why WG thinks the Essex need to be nerfed with lower tier planes. I can understand with the midway’s two tier 8 torpedo bombers, but not the Essex’s two fighters and single torpedo bomber.

    • Doesn’t Midway got t8 TB? i rly fear what wg doing… they ll end to destroy cv gameplay

    • Buckeyefan31x Go Bucks!

      Michael Nishida yeah it’s the only US CV that must use down tier planes. There no reason why it shouldn’t get tier 9 fighters and torpedo plane. They didn’t give the Essex anything special to justify this. The Essex goes against the Taiho which gets 2 tier 9 fighters , 3 Tier 9 torpedo squads , and 2 tier 9 bombers. How In the he’ll is that fair?

    • The current Essex easily beats Taihou in a fighter engagement but loses out on damage output. Taihou fighters are tier 9 vs Essex’s tier 8, but there are 10 of them total vs Essex’s 14 total in the air at one time. I think WG wants Essex to be the choice for air-superiority against the Taihou.

    • i dont think air superiority should be a thing. the fact they are trying to balance essex fighters with tahio is good so that each player must have skill to outplay the other in air fights, rather than the essex thinking “im not very good at cvs so im just going to take 3 fighters and roll over and tahio planes i see without even needing to strafe” so what they have done is a step forward to promote more skilled cv play

  17. This pretty much proves that the CV is the only ship on the team that really matters who has the better player since the other team had your team by the short curlys but their carrier sucked as a player so you were able to dominate that match.

  18. I really do not like the new US CV load-outs, or should I say lack of load-outs. Not worth playing.

  19. T9 Fletcher Captbill2000, T9 but still NOTHING learned!
    Really amazing skills not to learn anything up to TIER 9 and after nearly 3000 games made.
    Atago with def. AA? Dude,THIS was NO funny joke! ! !
    Atagao has no AA you can work with,no matter if you spec for MAX AA and DEF. AA, IT IS COMPLETLY USELESS AA!
    i have tested that many many times,but this AA from atago is simply NOT able to kill a damn spotterplane from a T5 cruiser,yes sure after 3 minutes but this T8 cruiser has no AA,a murmansk has better aa then atago.

  20. Personally i do not like the new Essex, i do about 100k less dmg now, and my fighters still do not have a chance vs a taiho with 3x fighters and it still gets 4x attackers, i mean come on WG

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