World of Warships: EU Damage Record by Domin1c in the Midway

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watched yesterday’s video and then set the in the right after.

footage of the tier 10 US Midway.


  1. Sorry about not checking it properly. Also:

    Shift Press to enter the Binocular view

  2. *Midway nerf when? kappa*

    • But world damage record is in the Kurfürst. NA and Asia damage records are in cruisers. Sounds to me rather that CVs need buffs across the board!

    • Yeah I think hakuryu needs buffs. Midway got more planes (fighters and bombers) in the air, more planes in the stock, ap bombs…

    • Zao was never good against CVs. Zao might never be good against CVs. Zao will still not care about CV buffs. Zao will still eat barbecued battleships daily. Zao will be dodging bombs and torpedobeating planes all night.

    • +TurinekSS
      Midway is just simply broken at this point. Hell if you look at it, USN CVs have become pretty damn strong.

  3. I’ve seen better

  4. Pfft, I could do that with my eyes closed and with one hand, all while underwater!

  5. I played against dominic yesterday in my hakuryu. We were quite even but my team let me down 🙁
    The enemy team bunched up nicely to give me almost no chances to breach the AA bubble, while my team had split up into 3 groups and failed misserably.

    But dominic is damn good … he punished every mistake I made 😀

    OH what a coincidence …. he was inspired by the same video and tryed to do the same 😀
    Sadly Hakuryu planes are squishy as F (Unlike Midway planes) so I could only manage a max of 200k. Mostly because the enemy teams were always good at playing in groups.

    Funny how if you look at statistics… Tier 10 CVs have a WL ratio of 45%. But wargaming refuses to do anything for CVs for 2 years now.

    • Refuses? Nah. Rather they just can’t do anything with them. They represent an entirely different playstyle compared to the other classes. Balancing it out is far from being easy. In the past too, CVs were either OP as fuck or weak as hell. I can’t remember any time when they were truly balanced.

      If like your planes are hard to kill, you should have weak strike power. But then you’d cry, because you can’t kill anything, so you demand more strike power. But that also means, your planes must be easier to kill, which results in you crying again, because the planes just can’t get through the AAs of your tier. So what do you want? More strike power and harder to kill planes, which immediately results in you being disgustingly OP and you roflstomping anything. Would that be balanced? Hardly. Other classes can be balanced with armor, dispersion, reload speed, firing range, detectibility, fire chance, hp, etc. CVs can only be balanced through planes. But you can’t balance a plane while comparing it to ships. This is why WG can’t do anything with CVs.

      Also note that CVs are the most team reliant class in the entire game.

  6. The friendly Montana might be 12

  7. Regarding not being able to select plane squardons, I’ve had that happen sometimes in replays, but usually you can still select them with the mouse if it doesn’t work with the keyboard (shift click on the squadron icons at the bottom of the screen)

  8. when you get the top server damage record and the team still calls you a useless cv

    • There’s a huge difference between “teamplay” and “damage farming”. 😉 It’s like spawn sniping with a BB while everyone else dies because you are just not there… Obviously you’ll do a “lot of damage”, but that doesn’t mean you are actually useful for your team.

      And it seems like he’s paying way more attention to strikes than actually defending the team. Like 80% strike 20% defend.

    • well as aerroon pointed out, cyclones make it very hard to defend against the enemy cv’s strikes
      and he did shoot down 45 planes
      the fact is that way too many players think that the cv can magically teleport fighters to defend them while they yolo into an enemy aa bubble

    • Yes I know, the first part of my reply was meant as a general thing. It’s a trend when it comes to CVs that they shit on their team and only care about damage farming. And then they come and tell you to play CVs if you want air cover. That’s why a lot and I mean A LOT of players hate CVs even if it’s the one in their team.

      Obviously you are an idiot if you yolo in and then even expect air cover, but if you are defending and don’t get air cover at all, you have all the right to do so.

      In this particular case, cyclone or not, his team’s had at least some right to complain. Just look at it when the Yamato and Kurfürst have been pushing the C cap. His team were mostly in 1 group while his fighters were hovering above C. He knew there was a cyclone and he knew enemy CV can strike his team easily (what he did) and still kept his fighters above the cap instead of defending them.

      Would it be hard to send his fighters above his team to at least allow him to react at some point? I don’t think so. He knew the enemy BBs were in the cap and coming and his team can’t shoot them, it was no use keeping the fighters there.

      Also you can see how little attention he pays for his fighters. I’m no expert in CVs, but that is just bad figther play there. Quite a lot of time the enemy CV could surprise his fighters and lock them without any effort. I know you can’t pay attention to everything, and control all your squadrons at the same time, but you can just right click on your allied ships to defend them…

      And at the end when they were arguing with the Montana… that was just pathetic from both sides. First of all as you said, cyclone makes the planes just pop up out of nowhere. Even a Montana can’t shoot them down before they strike. There’s just no way. It has no time, the planes appear pretty much right above the ship, the AA have no time to shoot them down from range. Both the Montana and this guy SHOULD know that. The Montana had the right to complain, because the CV should have sent his figthers up there ages ago. The CV on the other hand can’t pay attention to everything, so it wasn’t clearly right to call him out on that either. Win-win, lose-lose situation. At the end of the story, a good CV player should keep his figthers above friendly ships in cyclone as much as possible. Even Aaroon knows that, I remember him talking about it in 1 of his vids. Yet he somehow forgot to mention it here.

  9. Fires are like nothing to a conqueror because he conquers.. Okay? Atomrofl

  10. I play on SEA and your correct regarding the enemy CV, he does lots of divisions with POI, VOR and MEGA, all unicum clans.

  11. I could’ve done it while being disconnected the whole game!!!!!

  12. As i can see the business of the company that provide war pack goes veeeeeery well ……

  13. That score is far more reflective of the stupidity and ineptitude of the enemy CV captain than it is reflective of this CV captain’s skill.

  14. I think you can do better Aerroon. please try. ))

  15. you should play the hosho and Langley and show how awful the t4 carriers are

  16. I love how there are BBs in the chat complaining about no air cover, always makes me laugh
    Good game Domin1c GG WP!!

  17. I love how you say he was better because he won xD
    So good. xD

  18. They told us IJN CA players that Zao is not best cruiser… Zao threw that 490k damage to all CV players…

  19. server record dmg and still gets sour remarks from the team. that is why I dont play cv.

  20. Let’s get this straight: The Conqueror does not have a _heal,_ It’s got a freaking _respawn._

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