World of Warships- “EU DDs Are Trash”, Desync, Potato Teams, & More!

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Hey guys, some more sync drops with the clan, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. I like this style of video, WoWs and chill

  2. >Hears discord noise in video
    _smashes alt tab to check discord_

  3. Hey.
    Don’t tell anyone about the cruise missiles on the back of the Smaland.


  5. The thing is DD’s really have become irrelevant I’m an above average player and I’ve honestly been hating every match with more than a single carrier on both teams. I feel forced to hide behind the cruisers and battleships as any sort of move outside of their aa range puts me at risk of being two salvo’ed by rocket planes. Any sort of flanking move can result in the carriers swiftly redirecting they’re planes and focusing you down till your dead it’s just not profitable or fun to play destroyers atm for average to a bit above average players I mean give any ship to a unicum level player and he can push the ship to absolute maximum capability. But if we’re to discuss this seriously unicum level players are like what 2 percent of the overall population on any region’s server at any given time so I’d say Jingles isn’t really wrong with his assessment.

  6. Evangeline Anovilis

    “I hate that because of the armour change the AP on the Goliath cannot citadel the Smolensk anymore.” No, the armour change is that Smolensk is 16 mm everywhere except the 70 mm citadel belt. If you hit the citadel belt, it is the same 70 mm as it was before, if you hit the 16 mm section, that’s not the citadel anyway. For Goliath anyway, the armour change was a huge buff, as an angled Smol gets just overmatched anyway now, unless you hit the citadel belt.

    Poltava was a T8 in testing, but was too crap, so it got downtiered.

  7. The desync yesterday was so bad that it was impossible for me to play Ranked. It was like watching a slide how.
    The only thing I could do was play operation Narai and there was some absolute tards on there. Most of our team were dead before the Missouri even showed up so it would usually be just myself and 1, sometimes 2 other players left to complete the mission.

    • How good is the new Narai? Didn’t try it yet

    • @Stefano Crosazzo I haven’t noticed any difference really except that you don’t get anywhere near the rewards for completing it as you used to.
      The teams you get though are beyond retarded

    • @Stefano Crosazzo The bots are still botched, one of our transports planted his ass right in the channel to the harbor and didn’t move at all for the rest of the game

  8. I wouldn’t call the EU DD’s trash, rather they are selfish DD’s like Khaba and Kleber.

    They have no utility, can’t contest caps with terrible speed, HP pool, concealment. They’re suppose to sit back and do damage from afar like Khaba and Kleber. That’s WeeGee ‘s fault for continually bringing out ships that don’t promote teamwork and instead promotes every man/woman for themselves.

    It’s no longer about the team winning it’s about who tops the stats page at the end. WeeGee can’t or won’t balance their game so they take the easy route out. Just make ships that do damage and require less skill to use.

    • Also this stuff about damage and balance, while there are some ships that are stronger, these EU dds definitely aren’t op and are actually a decently balanced line all things considered. Also damagewise in general while damage is definitely useful there are things that give more xp. Capping for example gives a lot more xp than pretty much anything. And guess what? There’s a thing you can do in a match that gives you 50% more exp.

      What is it? Winning. So I’d tell you to go do some more research man before going and being whiny af.

      P.S: Kléber isn’t meant as a ship that does damage from afar. It’s actually a close range ambusher and dd hunter/broadside punisher.

    • @Big Boy What about the Smaland? Yes it can mount Radar but with a 2mil Free Xp price tag the average player will not be able to or want to grind out that ship. Therefore you are going to see a lot more of the Tech Tree ships in battles than the Smaland so is a mute point. I am well aware that EU DD’s are torp ships (they aren’t boats as they carry boats fyi) and using torpedo’s for area denial (which I agree is useful) is dependent on the game mode so situational at best so your comment of “but they are still team players(depending on the player)” is contradictory.

      My reference to damage and balance was not with regards to the EU DD’s being OP or in comparison to other DD’s but to the game itself. I would suggest you read comments in full before seeing a couple of words and getting your knickers in a knot.

      ” There’s a thing you can do in a match that gives you 50% more exp.
      What is it? Winning So I’d tell you to go do some more research man before going and being whiny af.” research into what exactly? How reliable is getting a win? If you can provide a player that has 100% win rate then I will concede this point of yours. How this comment relates to me needing to do more research or being whiney af boggles the mind.

      P.S. Yes, initially, the Kleber was suppose to be a close range ambusher/ DD hunter but received a large nerf to it’s concealment. Good luck with trying to do that with an upgraded concealment of 7.8km, with other DD’s with better concealment, radars, aircraft and the passive gameplay at Tier X!

    • Gareth Austin do you have the Kléber? The long range play style is boring af and even though the detectability isn’t as good, it still works to ambush dds. That speed really helps it catch up and the reload booster melts anything at close range.

    • Gareth Austin also, my comment about winning was because you said that WeeGee is just making ships to do damage so they make more exp. I talked about how winning gives ya more exp than doing damage. Why is that an important comparison? Because it shows that WG is pushing people to try to win games more than to do dmg. What I was trying to say with that statement is that your sentence about how the only important thing now is dmg ain’t true.

      Also, don’t you find it refreshing to have a line for once that isn’t there to contribute hard to a win because it doesn’t have radar, super high alpha dmg, smoke or the ability to hold back and kill a flank on its own(cough…Smolensk…cough) and does smaller contributions just like the ijn cruisers and dds, the French CAs, and the German CAs?

    • @Big Boy yes I do own the Kleber, I have all the Tier X DD’s including Somers. I have been a DD main since starting WoWs in 2016. Ambushing in the Kleber is highly situational depending on the mode and map so people would rather play the long range HE spammer which you so eloquently described at “boring af”. Again making it a “selfish” DD like the Kleber and EU DD’s who spam torps instead of HE.

      I never used damage and exp as a comparison (I never used the term exp at all) only the with comparison to being top of the stats page. Please read my initial comment thoroughly. High damage by a player has never been proven to win games by anyone or WeeGee themselves due to the different game modes and maps.

      I do enjoy my Haland and the fact the line has no gimmick. I do feel after a match that it is lacking in skill as I play aggressively by nature. If I want to play a DD as a and turn my brain off then I will pick the EU DD’s and spam torps from distance but I do feel that my contribution to the team is a lot less in EU DD’s. Call me old school for that.

      Hence the first line in my initial comment saying the EU DD’s aren’t trash.

      Edit: For punctuation

  9. Can you please show your GK build captain skill, thanks!

  10. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Hey guys for clarification the “EU DDs Are Trash” part of the title is meant to be a topic of conversation that we have in the video. You can hear us agree that they aren’t in the video around the 12:00 mark.

    • @Gtifighter flamu just uploaded one on the orkan, and has others about the oster.

    • @miked815 I clicked this video because the title implied that EU DD’s were trash which I wondered why. This comment here pointed at the specific timestamp from the video where that topic is supposed to be covered. Needless to say my time got wasted and I am disappointed.

    • @miked815 thanks for the info.

    • @Gtifighter notser has a great video on the halland where he goes well over 200k, Flambass and nozoup also have some great videos up.

    • I just find that the 90 knot torps on the tier 9 and 10 are BY far the most fun torps to play with and their AA is amazing. You have to actively turn off your AA because the range is 6km and the spotting from planes is 2.7km so you want to let the planes get in real close before turning on sector fire. The heals can turn a 1v1 with another dd in your favor. The downside is no smokes so you have to play defensive alot. But man the torps don’t get any more fun, I constantly land between 10- 20 torps a match and use the flooding flags so I get a lot of flood damage on enemies. I could have written this in my first comment but I feel just seeing someone else show it on video proves way better than what I can write

  11. “EU DDs are trash”
    *cries in being carrier player*

  12. SLM, the reasons the DM was bouncing you 17″ shells is because you were aiming at the side-plating, not the nose as you should have because only the bow-armour can be overmatched by Repubs guns, that’s why with your last shot where you changed your aim, you got a citadel compared with he previous shots which were aimed at the side-plating which is significantly thicker and at a much larger angle.

  13. How often are Mountbatten’s livestreams? I know there’s one on Friday, but are there livestreams any other day?

  14. 4:00- Friends reference?(7,7,7,7,7)

  15. At tier 5 they are amazing, tier 6 still not bad, at tier 7 the torps dont even phase most ships at tier 8 the torps take too long to reload lol at 9 and 10 they are fine but need more speed

  16. I was in clan battles last night and my shells were just passing straight through a Moskva from my Des Moines. Did not register as pen, over pen, ricochet, nothing. I shot at another ship and all was normal again.

  17. IMAGINE BEING A SHIMA AND MISSING ALL 15 PEEDS _breaks into uncontrollable wheeze laughing_

  18. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there

    Getting a match that’s close to winning, and then everyone went potato…

  19. 02:17 yeah…. we kinda could have done without that anecdote.

  20. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

    EU/Swedish destroyers are REALLY good, you just don’t under stand the feeling of the 1.7 second reload of the Rapid Firing Gun

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