World of Warships- Everyone Gets ASW Now & Submarines Get A Buff

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Hey guys! Today we go over news from the DevBlog regarding Submarine balance and test ships, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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0:00 Channel Intro
0:15 Video Intro
0:55 Test Ship Changes
5:53 Everyone Gets ASW
6:45 ASW Aircraft Stats: Cruisers
7:43 ASW Aircraft Stats: Battleships
11:14 ASW Aircraft Stats: Premium Ships
11:55 Thoughts on ASW Aircraft Changes
12:20 Subs Changes
17:31 Thoughts and Closing


  1. Bearn was chunking Cruisers 75% health with the bombs NOT counting fires. It was way too OP for the tier.

  2. Nothing made to torp speed, which is crazy. Honestly, I am not impressed, even with the add of the asw I think that to have both insane speed and homming capabilities is too much

    • My thought exactly, that torp speed is just ridiculous

    • Well…just take it as WG thinks it should be. I mean…they also have to take it that my wallet is closed for them. So …whatever they do to the game, I don’t care anymore. As long time player, they achieved their goal. I am more and more fed up with their gimmick development. I make room for the fresh money spending short term visitors to the game.

    • @Nils L. Stop complaining man. We all feel the same but save yourself the energy. I mean it in the most nicest way.

    • Same here. like iv played with torpedos on DDs for a long time, 90+ knots on the sub torps is NUTZ, 70 – 80 ish knots would be reasonable.

  3. I’d say the main reason they’re trying to push the German subs into more of a long range role, and the USN subs into shorter ranges, are the differences in reload times. Even with the changes they made, the German subs have a significantly longer reload time than their USN counterparts, and fewer torp tubes – not the ideal situation if you want them to be essentially mid to close range “brawlers”.

    • This isn’t as true a statement as you make it out to be. The German subs have the ability to reload all of their tubes as the same time, while the USN subs can only reload two at a time in total. So, in fact, the German subs can launch all of their torpedoes and reload them all before a USN sub can do the same. In fact, the intent was that the USN subs would be the long-range attack specialists, which is why they had both the longer-ranged torps and the faster/longer ranged pings. Now, WG want’s to give German subs the ability of both USN and their own qualities, while shoving the USN subs into a game they were not designed for, nor are being buffed to handle. Of course, this is what I expected from WG, considering their country of origin.

      In fact, I don’t see how SLM titled this ‘Subs get a Buff’, since only half the subs are getting a buff, and the others are only being nerfed. Perhaps he only thinks German subs matter or should be in the game?

  4. THANK YOU WG. Man it was utterly retarded sitting ON TOP of a submarine just taking torps and not being able to do anything.

  5. another “hiddeN” gulio cesare nerf by giving him 1 plane less then the other italian t5 bs xD

  6. The homing mechanic is too much. Either increase the reload time of ping or remove it all together. Also, increasing the range of cruiser ASW would be meaningful.

  7. Next patch: Everyone gets nuclear depth charges. Subs get ability to fly.

  8. The bar is low for this game when the title is basically “hooray, you can now have the privilege of defending yourself”

  9. Honestly even making sub torp damage healable would make a big difference.

  10. Subs and their weapons have been given performance that even the drunkest Russian couldn’t hope to pretend is anything like their real-world counterparts, and because of subs all surface ships have to have ASW added whether it makes sense for the class or not (a good change for gameplay but still silly that it has to happen at all). And I thought the ongoing scramble to insist carriers are fine was entertaining ROFL
    I wonder how many more awkward contortions WG will be going through to avoid admitting submarines don’t belong in this game’s main modes in the first place.

  11. What!! But I really enjoyed sitting over a sub with my BB with no weapons to hurt him. Subs gonna make random so boring

  12. Having some ships that can’t fight subs as well does make sense. Did everyone get depth charges?

    • Sounds like everything from tier V and up, but CV’s are still dead in the water, no pun intended. CV’s have no capability of spotting subs, they don’t have ASW as far as I know. Subs are the antithesis of CVs.

  13. The amount of health you were restoring on the conquerer was insane. That was actually more distracting than the dev blog.

  14. So the Dutch cruiser line just got an inherent nerf with this change. Their airstrike was their depth charge and now everyone has one and most have torps. Once subs are fully live it means they will need to hold off using airstrikes just for subs while everyone one else is playing at full DPS mode all the time not having to hold anything back.

  15. I still think subs need an armament choice mechanic – the current homing + bonus damage model is like having battleships with AP that also start fires… It leaves you with a game balance choice of nerfing the torps into the ground, or leaving them powerful enough to shaft the whole battlefield in skilled hands imo

  16. Neverminding that most subs were most effective within about a thousand meters of their target undetected and with torps that ACTUALLY WORKED. The Mk. 14 only got improved when the Navy rubbed the R&D guys noses in their utter failure at designing a torpedo.

  17. Waiting for the premium/steel/coal Surcouf with gimmick of being able to snipe with 203mm outside after-firing-gun detectability range.

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