World of Warships – Everyone lost their minds in this match

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Monkey is drunk, I'm getting team shotted, I do team myself by accident, super crazy rushes my enemy, everyone is laughing and failing, torp beats…madness xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. you know its gonna be good if its from Flambass.

  2. WOw. just wow! this was truly epic hahaha! GG haha

  3. That was just such a BS move on the part of the Kremlin player.

  4. Well that went HOLLYWOOD in a Jackie chan way. Very entertaining ?

  5. the kremlin just shot you on purpose to give you an AR buff you should thank him 🙂

  6. Jingles.. I got a video for ya.. XD

  7. It’s cute that you think that reporting a player does anything whatsoever.

  8. Flambas; that’s what you get when expose broadside to your teammates

  9. So Flambass, will there be an account of your latest culinary adventures in Germany?

  10. There should be a way to forgive team damage. Honest mistakes happen after all.

  11. WG the smol is not OP. Flambass provides video proof otherwise. WG “but the spreadsheet says…”

  12. Yeah he needed that team damage on the start, or else the Smolensk will be Very Balans (TM)

  13. That GK was the one insulting everyone in team chat.

    hes a 7k battles 45% Wr player. Nothing needs to be said anymore.

  14. Hey Monkey, He isn’t a good shot when he plans on making splashes 100 yards in front of u and ends up putting the whole volley thru ur bridge, lol

  15. watching all the torp beats makes me think of Dr Evil in Austin Powers going “there’s nothing quite like a shorn scrotum…”

  16. You would think think that WG would get off its lazy programming’s ass to install a “check fire” process so that TK damage does not happen. I mean it’s one thing for free will, but use some common sense for once. You know this will happen. I get pissed off when my Z turret in my Arkie clips a friendly cruiser because I am zoomed in on the enemy ships. If they (WG) did have a “check fire” process, game rage would go down.

    • Man, I got pinked a couple years back in the T3 german DD after being rammed out of my smoke by a friendly BB.
      Must have been all of 10 or 20 hp damage, and it was an insta-pink.

      Even better? It was my first game in 6 fucking months!!!!

    • Not a bad idea, when I was first starting out I got into the habit of ctrl+X to make sure the guns were pointing the way I wanted, get into a quick fight and the guns would of course still be locked onto that bearing, it was the only time a French BB could fire straight, but I got pinked because of it, a check would have been good top say the least.

  17. Three Smolensks in a Division!? Flambass, that is so dirty 🙂

  18. My god that game was totally WTF. That Kremlin move was SO BS… You are famous? You get a 20k welcoming salvo. Fun and engaging.


  20. Video of the year. Listening to RogueMonkey made my day!

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