World of Warships- Everything Wrong With The Game In One Match

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Hello guys, today we go over quite a dull match that I’m seeing play out more and more often at all tiers, let me know what you guys think below!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. I’ve been playing lower tiers lately to help tone down some of the madness. Games with 12 superships against T10s is rough.

  2. The game requires stricter MM-limits – 1 CV and 1 sub per side, no more.

  3. Great video. Be glad it was not a double CV game as well. I believe that if we are stuck with CV’s and Subs there should be a limit per side. 1 CV and 1 Sub each per side would be my suggestion.

    • Be glad it was not a double CV, double Kearsarge and 3 subs like a game I played a couple days ago. The game was absolute bs.

    • i’d love that, problem is last night, i saw the matchmaker. per the matchmaker there was 15CVs, 20BBs, 10CAs, 12DDs, 20SS. meaning there were as many or more subs and cvs in the match makers then every other class excepting BBs.

      this is why we’re getting double CV, triple SS matches

    • @Arizona Anime-Fan Why would DDs want to play T10 when CVs, Subs, and Cruisers are all built to kill DDs and do their role as well. Add in Hybrid and super ships and its a nightmare to play a high tier DD.

  4. I realized a while ago while grinding up the trees that randoms really aren’t fun above tier 7. I have since switched to being an operations player and have been enjoying the game ever since.

    • You are right. Randoms are just pain. I like high tier Ranked or Brawls, but Randoms are just stupidly un-fun. Operations are still enjoyable, but the inability to choose an optimal ship due to the new random operation mechanic, is annoying.

  5. Most games I’ve been playing at T7 are long range sniping battles. Almost no one wants to push. It used to be that DDs and some cruisers would hide behind islands and just pop out a bit and shower you with HE. Now BBs are doing the same, staying hidden behind islands, sniping from afar. Considering I’m using a Gneisenau… long range sniping is not something I enjoy…
    And yes, there are very few close games. Most of the times, one team will just steam roll the other.
    And one other complaint I have is that while most ships stay sorta, kinda realistic, submarines are gimmicky as heck. There is nothing realistic about their gameplay. There is no way a sub would mess around with a DD in real life. And U-69 does 27kts in game when in reality it would do 17, tops, on the surface. They should have fitted all DDs with ASDIC.

  6. This is why I have pretty much quit playing the game: 90% lopsided matches. I’ll play 10-12 games a night (used to be 20ish) and only 1 (maybe 2) will be a close match. The others are a blowout for one side or the other. Like someone below said, when I do play it’s usually either Operations or CO-OP. Random battles just suck anymore.

    • Low tiers is better also warthunder if you don’t mind tanks, you can get alot of similar vibes, but matches are sorta with more people and you can choose between a variety of vehicles in one match, so for example if there were lots of a certain type of vehicles you can choose a different one, instead of for comparison playing ocean on a cruiser with 13km range and no smoke.

  7. They need to make a better way to detect submarines I was in a tier 9 battle yesterday in a battleship and the last 2 ships on the enemy team were both submarines and 3 km away and couldn’t find them and Ultimately lost the battle when it was a winnable game All because I couldn’t find them Trying to drop depth charges on sonar pings is ridiculous It hardly ever hits I feel like I have a better chance of ramming into a submarine than detecting one They also need to limit super ships at least 3 per side

  8. A game I’ve been playing for years, during university, now at work. I found that I wasn’t enjoying the game anymore, most of the games were pure pain. Not only for getting stomped, or bullied to death by broken CV’s, superships or subs, but the game just got Boring. It’s boring to play a game in which it doesn’t matter how good or how much strategy you use, if a CV or a Sub decides to go after you, unless they 500% potato, you are dead.
    Tried to grind a bit the japanese CL line, but couldn’t. When I realized it, I noticed I just played 5 games in the last month.
    A pitty tho’, I was hopping to stop playing when they shut down the servers.

  9. Proximity spotting could also represent sailors on deck using ship’s optics to spot periscopes around the ship Since submarines can’t shoot torpedo’s below periscope depth I’m not asking for 10 km spotting distance you know at least 4or5 km around the ship

  10. I feel an easy way to fix some issues with subs and CV’s is to simply increase the player count per battle. More surface ships means more AA bubbles overlapping and more depth charge capabilities as now you can spare a team mate to focus on hunting them. Maybe increase it to 15v15 to allow for more diversity.

  11. I ended up in a 6 sub 4 cv game the other day…. So painful for the surface ships, I am pretty sure a few of them only got 2/3 salvo’s off before they were brutally removed from that game. It really shows how wonky this game can be.

  12. Until the last update, I had been staying exclusively at the mid tiers, as the superships just ruined the higher tiers. Now I only play random operations. Dreading the day they introduce SuperSubs.

  13. I hate using my repair to counter a sub. There should be a seperate one. I rarely hit a sub unless i actually see it. The 1 sided games are more common and when your griefed by a sub or cv in a BB it takes your all of your attention and can’t do much to counter anything.

  14. The most upsetting part for me, is that least capable players (ie the kids), who screamed for more fast paced action, have been given exact;ly what they wanted in form of submarines and the new cv’s. Both carriers and submarines, just laugh at game mechanics such as concealement, which are obviously incredibly important to most normal surface ships. What makes matters worse is these vessels are ridiclously powerful and designed to appeal to the least completent players in the game. Are you surprised that matches are one sided and unbalanced. It’s just a shit show and I personally stopped playing a little after patch 2.0. I used to love the game, but it’s shadow of what it used to be and it’s a real a shame.

  15. The depth charges that roll off the back should be replaced with mines. It’s ridiculous that the submarine has to be directly underneath your ship in order to damage it. I guess these depth charges are meant to be used while you are pursuing the submarine. I envision the mines only being effective against submarines, surface ships wouldn’t be affected. They would also be on a timer to prevent oversaturation.

  16. Again, as I have answered several surveys, two tier upper matching can be overwhelming. I would like to see only one tier over matching. Still really like the game but there are definitely some things WG needs to address! Happy hunting! Take no rusty rivets!

    • Since the game came out I have thought that. Tiers 1-4 are nice because it is all ships from around the same time and roughly are even in capability. Then you hit tier 5 and I’m trying to fight the Gneisenau in a Texas. Tier 5 isn’t as bad but Tier 6 can be rough. T6 WW1 era dreadnoughts fighting tier WW2 fast battleships just doesn’t fit.

  17. Had this experience in my West Virginia the other day, except the problem wasn’t that it was boring. 2 CV’s and 2 subs per side, and of course I was on the bad end of a blowout. Let’s just say I spent the last 2-3 minutes of the game being harassed by ALL FOUR of these “non-surface” ships and rage quit for the day. There are a few things that need to change quickly for this to turn around:
    1. Since WG decided that carriers are in fact plane factories and can regenerate their planes, AA mounts that get destroyed should regenerate as well, AND be more effective.
    2. Hydro should be completely revamped to resemble its historic use of actually spotting subs. There should be a longer range passive mode that is always up and works similar to RPF (or whatever they call it these days), and a shorter range mode that more precisely locates a sub, say 4-5km away. It’s absurd that a sub can stay undetected like they can in WOWS, I know it’s an arcade game but come on.
    3. Subs should have a longer cool down on pings and torps. The frequency they can spam torps out right now is ridiculous, and the fact that they can be homing as well takes it even further.
    4. Super ships should be much more limited. No more than 3 per side (even that’s too much), and they can only fight tier 10 and other super ships. Otherwise, give them their own game mode and leave the rest of us alone.

    None of these things is likely to happen, but unless they want the game to die, something has to give.

  18. Good points, you know when I really got into the game back when the German tech line was introduced the game was at it’s peak. We had super aggressive and fun matches. Even the Iowa’s and Yamato’s where brawling. I can’t imagine coming in with it being what it is now and even considering putting in >2,000 hours much less my hard earned money. The new player base will crumble under the mountain of boring unengaging gimmics that is T6-T8.

  19. The last 3 minutes of the video really illustrates how WG have intentionally messed with aiming at their beloved CVs. Shells go nowhere near where they’re aimed at.

  20. Thank you for the video SLM. It is amazing how this game completly changed within 3 months. Not only that subs and T11s bring a lot of frustration to the player base, also the mm seems to have adopted to the scenarios you’ve shown. I have 1 out of 6 matches were one team just overwhelms the other. Often with the losing team not even able to kill 1 ship of the enemy team. Sometimes I’m under the impression, that each new starting trainee at WoWS team is allowed to do a new mm algo just to proof, that he still has a lot to learn.

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