World of Warships – Example why Smolensk is “okey” on the spreadsheet

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Here is a perfect example to why ship like Smolensk is gonna be okey in eyes of WG.

On the spreadsheet it’s gonna appear like a balanced ship because of games like these.

It’s almost hard to believe that this is even possible but you have to believe it after you see it.

Not in 1 team…but in both teams.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Everytime a Smolensk gets torped, an angel gets his wings.

  2. A few days ago at the beginning of battle I deleted Smolensk with my first salvo in Yamato. Felt sooo good.

  3. 9:54 Did everyone else that understands german had to laugh at this part? ^^

  4. Sometimes, I really think some rich folks who love an OP ship, create alternative accounts and buy that ship on that account too. Then, they proceed to die with it at every first 3 mins so that in spreadsheet their favorite ship seems normal but it actually is not.

  5. His expression when he kills that smolensk needs to be a gif

  6. 2:53 if I’d been in the chat I would have been spamming Sweent Anita ‘TOS’ emotes at that ?? I just hope for Mrs Citadels sake that isn’t the real FlambaOrgasm face ?

  7. Amm, Flambass, puff means whorehouse in German, kurvarluk jel. So being the “puff master” doesn’t mean what you think it means… ?

  8. Michael D. Uchiha90

    Flambass leading the fleet.
    Grand Admiral Flambass confirmed.

  9. 2:56 – 3:08..sounds and face I make when I have just taken an enormous dump

  10. 2:58 that orgasmic feeling when you kill a Smolensk

  11. That Smolensk torp…. felt good.

    “Crime against Smolensk”….. not such thing…. it would be instantly pardoned.

  12. “The boss” a survivability expert Kremlin

  13. 2 Things that make you feel all warm and fuzzy when playing wows:
    1: Killing a Smolensk
    2: Killing a CV

    • Vasilis Diamantopoulos

      I haven’t killed a Smolensk yet, but I got damn love it when a CV over extends and I get to destroy her. Especially in those double CV games. As if one sky cancer wasn’t enough!

  14. When practically the whole team follows flambass to victory ? lemmings ftw

  15. 2:50
    Is this Flambass’ sexy time face?
    I feel like this is his sexy time face.

  16. 12:50 – 2319! WE GOT A 2319!

  17. I can image if Flambass is on your team, you automatically follow.

    Long live the king of the lemmings.

  18. Then there are those of us who last until the end even on a loss with more XP than the majority of the winning team.

  19. The “Puffmaster” almost spilled my drink because he talked german before it and Puff means Brothel in german! 😀

  20. Princess of the Cape

    I like that the circle was completed 1 minute later when your team’s Smolensk was torpedoed by a Gearing.
    The force seeks balance.

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