World of Warships – Exceptionally Average

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This one’s for all the Average Joes out there who play as best they can, make the occasional mistake here and there but get the job done. Every now and then, however, the enemy team make more mistakes than you and fail to take advantage of yours, and Average Joe gets to be a superstar.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Im rather below average

    I can’t help it I suck pretty badly at life

  2. always good to hear the calming voice of jingles in the crazy times!! thank you, jingles!

  3. wow, Jingles works in mysterious hours lately…

    • I think he has to upload videos early in the morning, before the summer heat burns his internet box again^^ (see yesterday’s Mingles with Jingles for reference)

    • @Mr Teal maybe, but he could set publishing on any hour and lately he goes wild with it 🙂 not that I’m complaining

    • @Adam Barczynski sure he could, but do you really think he does so much planning? To me, that wouldn’t seem like him 😀

    • @Mr Teal no, I think he does plan every single move with minute detail, but then every time he loses the piece of paper he has written it on

  4. SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

    9 guns on BISMARCK!? REALLY!? You’re doing this on purpose lol!

  5. Jingles commentary of this match in a nutshell: “That’s so special”

  6. “Sail me closer, I want to hit him with my gun barrels!”

  7. Congrats You found my Channel

    Man the last time I was this early Germany still had a sizable navy

  8. Lol cant believe i actually made it on Mighty Jingles. Also Jingles, if you see this, I greatly appreciate the Constructive Criticism, gives me something to work on in the future! Glad you found the replay entertaining! Cheers!

  9. Congrats You found my Channel

    “But Where the Gneisenau has 6 of them, an the Bismarck has 9”

    Ah Jingles never change

    • When you think jingles cant fck this up….HOLDMABEER!!!!

    • @Jorge Guanche i think it was the case of hold my Sangria

    • This just proves he does it on purpose. He definitely knows it has 8 as he is a history geek.

    • @Miroslav Tordaji well..the sangría is from spain, like me. Rita is from Portugal so im almost sure she fck that up too

    • He is definitively doing it on purpose, as he knows his loyal and very observant viewers will arrest him the second he says it!. Which is probably also why WG made him a captain in WoWs, that can’t keep from saying they’ve sunk a battleship, when it was a meager destroyer!.

  10. Actually Jingles, she has turtle back armour!

  11. Ah yes, the Pommern.

    Or as I like to call it, the Kleine Kurfurst

  12. luck>skill, you do the math.

  13. 18:05 Enemy Implacable probably captained by the same guy in charge of HMS Glorious….

  14. Lmao. Thats my clannie and we play like idiots every single match.

  15. 2:10 the Pommern HAS a turtle back, it shares the same hull as the FdG. The issue with both ships is that the turtle back doesn’t extent particularly low under the water line and that leaves it extra vulnerable to getting citadeled when turning into incoming shells.
    Also if shot from an angle from the front, when the Pommern tryes to angle, you can still hit the frontal bulkhead of the citadel and not need to go trough a turtle back.

  16. “Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake” – Erwin Rommel quoting either Charles de Gaulle or a spin off Savielly Tartakower’s quote.

  17. “Theres no such thing as a ship with enough anti aircraft to actually stop a determined carrier strike”

    Someone in the future sees strike aircraft coming towards the ship.
    *presses button*
    Forcefield engaged

  18. SanSanSanSanSanSan

    2:10 “she doesn’t have a turtleback”
    yes she does, it’s angle is just different.^^
    it’s angle is more shallow which means it doesn’t reach deep below the waterline like for example on the bismark.

    If you turn in towards the enemy, the turtleback is lifted above the water line and the flat citadel armor below is exposed to the enemy.
    That’s how the thing (and the FDG, because the pommern uses the FDG hull) sometimes eats broadside citadel hits.

    So long as you time your turns right, that thing will not eat cits just like any other high tier german ship.

  19. This scroll zooming is almost intolerable. Why are people eluded by the existence of the shift key?

  20. The only thing more special than the gameplay is Jingles’ commentary. xD

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