World of Warships – EXP + Free EXP + Captain EXP = 120,000+ xD

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In the latest patch WG introduced a new way of using flags where you can mount ALL economic flags at once and on top of that carry 8 combat flags.

This is good for old veterans like me because now we get actually somehow use all these eco flags we have pilled up. This is also good for new players because it will up their progression even more BUT this is a HORRIBLE thing for game’s health.

More and more ppl are getting tier 10 ships without knowing the basics of the game and this is only making it worse.

Today I’ll show you a game I had recently will all the flags mounted that resulted in more than 120k exp in total when you combine exp, free exp and commander exp.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Last time I was this early was closed beta…

  2. Since when did WeeGee give a damn about the games health?

  3. So from C spawn went to A cap, cause why not.

    • it’s called not paying attention to the game streamed and DDs detected, just to read some comments, shows you very, very good play

  4. I had legendary mod, now it is gone from my DM.. WG saying some bs about being credited.. Those idioits stole it.. I grinded that shit, and they just took it away..

  5. Next step will be: “oh, we see that players are raking in absurd numbers of (F)XP… we’ll raise the bar for XP costs then”.

    • well, you can handle this by either limiting the number of flags – maybe per category, since they already are sorted by that – or by making access to those flags much harder. I think they might be going for the latter, which would take some time to become noticable. And for CCs and people with insane amounts of flags, this is no real concern.

      But honestly, much rather have discussion about his type of stuff to have that ‘dialed in’ compared to more OP/game breaking paper ships. Getting things like the in-game economy in better shape could really improve the experience for new players –> more players –> healthier game.

    • @phil21s How would making it take longer to grind up ship lines improve the experience for new players?

    • @elmateo77 : Well, that is not exactly what I meant, though you have a point. Grinding for longer would kinda suck, however, considering that there are people in high tiers with very little experience in how to play well, they don’t really play well.
      I remember, when I was new (started playing around 9 months ago) that while I was grinding the Pensacola that I got a rental for the Hipper. I played one game in this and got obliterated in 4 minutes, my team was furious (understandably so) and I was pissed. So, after cooling down, my take on this was, maybe don’t rush into high tier battles.

      The other aspect I meant was that during grinding, it seems easier to get XP than credits, which I felt held me back during the grind. So I would advocate, that a more steady and smooth (credits and xp going in the same rate) progression would make the grind feel more ‘natural’ than the experience of ‘yeah, you unlocked it but you need to get some credits for this’.

      But there are certainly arguments to be made for both. After all, if the low/mid tier game-play is trash, you don’t want to be stuck there. Does that make sense to you?
      hope this makes it a bit clearer what my thoughts were

    • @phil21s Those are good points, although I think the bigger issue is the balance of cvs at low/mid tiers. Imagine being a new player in a tier 3 ship, and nearly every game you get into has 3 tier 4 cvs on each team. Your AA does nothing and you basically just get farmed every game until you manage to grind out enough xp to get to tier 4, only to realize that you still don’t have enough AA to actually help. Then if you haven’t already rage quit, you may finally get to tier 5, where you get matched up against tier 7 ships and tier 6 cvs (still with 2 cvs on each team in nearly every game).
      I haven’t had much of a problem with being short on credits, but I run a premium account so that might be why. I’m not sure how the ratios change for non-premium.

    • @elmateo77 The ratios change quite a bit. I recently changed to a premium account, but before breaking even in T7 and beyond is actually not a given for average players. So while you might gain experience to unlock a new ship, you might gain little to credits playing it.
      Maybe this gets better the better of a player you are, but for me it was the main reason (and not XP) to go to premium after grinding my first T8. Premium ships still work for credits, but it feels silly to just play one ship all the time (like a BB) to then have the credits to buy a ship you grind for, e.g. a DD.

      Still, you are right with this being not the main issue for the game which is balancing and CVs. Though I will never complain about other positive changes.

  6. I mean, i cant be the only one who saves his XP stuff for the leveling of other tech trees and never puts anything of them on a Tier 10 ship

  7. That kurfurst played it so badly at the end, facing 2 yamatos and a moskva without support…

    • Slawomir Chmielewski

      When his support was dying he was hiding behind a DM like the damn coward that he is.

    • @Slawomir Chmielewski I think he did well that time and held the position well, but had to follow Flambass afterwards to do best in the game but he decided to suicide against 2 Yamatos and a moskva. The only positive thing I got out of that is that he damaged them a lot.

  8. manny greywolfsdb

    No more bonus 50x premium heals, smokes, repair, etc…this time, work to 19.5k hp and pay 2-3M credits to get the legend upgrades. Hmmm, interesting.

  9. Same.. have to get up almost daily at 9 for work but I just dont get tired, then i do stuff, watch videos, play games, go to bed at like 3-5 in the morning , am tired the whole freaking day but 100% awake as soon as it gets late.. UFF

    • So true! Our glorious sleep schedules eh Comrade?

    • Your a night owl. Your issue is that you’re trying to do the “normal” 9-5 thing but your body as a night owl is wired to be up and alert/active at night. You should see if your job has night positions and see how that works out.

    • I am working 24h shifts mate. From 10-10, so I experience a bit of everything 😀

    • @Hisoka Well see that’s a whole other story right there. I’ve have had to pull some 16-17 hour shifts at my job every so often and that’s draining as hell. Doing a full 24 hours(even with an hour lunch during shift)is asking quite a lot from your body.

  10. It took me 1.5 years and 1600 games to get my first t10…
    Last night i saw a dude with 211 games in a t10 that registered in February this year….
    And then people ask why there are so many potatoes at top tiers these days and every game is a steamroll from 1 side …

    • for special flags to be effective you also have to average high base xp, so potatoes dont get very far either without cash

    • @Cosmin Lesutan I did and I started this year:

      Got 1 tier X, 2 tiers VIIIs.

    • Emanuel Gonçalves Santos

      Man, he may be an old player that started a new account.

    • dzello he’s talking about the times where you didn’t get special flags and camouflage.
      It took me extremely long to get my first TX now that I have the resources I can grind a line in 2-3 weeks with average game time.

    • @Phillip Schaber there were no flags beck then, no camos with bonus XP. and credits…you had to play a lot of low tiers to afford playing above t8…

  11. as l am working my way through the ship lines having the legendary mod now not done by missions makes it pointless to do T10 matches as l found out recently when l unlocked the shima,
    off to unlock the next line of ships

  12. Francisco Freitas

    Thanks Flambass, I was waiting for a new game in Des Moines.

  13. 13:20 dang you just described my life in 2 sentences.

  14. What’s the master of the galaxy mission?

  15. Based on the current wg ideas and possible changes, I wonder about the discrepancy between stalinium legendary mods and German ones 😁

  16. Out of curiosity, if you convert the flags and camo used into doubloon costs, how much did you spend that battle?

  17. Lol… I forgot Flambass had a cat. I heard the meowing and I started looking around my apartment… Then I’m like “Wait… I don’t have a cat”. lol

  18. nice play. Liked the use of the legendary mod. Also enjoying it. And all the flags. I will have all the legendaries by end of year if not before.

  19. Looking around house for cat and I don’t even have one, lol. The Kurfurst deserved compliment for azz whoop’n the two Yamos down to nothing, Shima??

  20. 15 seconds in and it’s time to touch the face

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