World of Warships – Experiences Shape How We See Things

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Hey all! I missed talking to all of you, so time to start doing some catch up! This in turn affects how to discuss stuff in warships. I noticed this when I spent some time playing the Kii on the EU server and noticed the difference in how the games went. Figured I should make a video about it. So what do you all think?


  1. Welcome back Chase, good to hear you’re feeling better ??

  2. The language barrier really does shape the game in the EU. Team communication is… more problematic. It’s not uncommon to have a team where the players speak 4 or 5 different languages with no languages in common.

    One match comes to mind when I was in the Langley, I ran out of planes and had this guy constantly spamming my location on the minimap and yelling at me in a language I didn’t understand. I told him I was out of planes but he obviously didn’t speak English so he just kept raging in whatever language it was and pinging the map.

    It makes it harder to coordinate teams and also makes it harder to give less experienced players advice. I’ll send a well-meaning message after a match saying “Hey man, you might not want to show so much broadside in future” and I get a reply in a language I don’t speak. The result being he’ll continue to make the mistake of showing broadside to battleships until he either figures it out for himself or someone who speaks his language gives him the advice I tried to give.

  3. Get a massage, Chase. I’m a massage therapist and tension headaches are easily fixed by a good therapist. As long as it’s not anything like a tumor or alien brain drilling.

  4. ive been watching quite some SEA streaming for the past week(bored at school between classes), and i realize the skillsets required on different servers are also different.
    unicum player from different servers will be better at different areas, cuz that’s what it takes to succeed at specific servers

  5. World of Warships - Captain Kittredge

    You forgot to add that you are Canadian and this was all free Healthcare.

  6. 4:20
    Yeah, people love to play “Kill the Youtuber.”
    I tend to leave Youtubers (if I know they are one) alone so they can get footage. If they shoot at me or pose a significant threat, then of course I’ll shoot back.

  7. what the fuck secondary build iowa?!?

  8. Get well soon! I like these videos where you talk about the differences between players and communities

  9. I wonder if WG even takes your point into account when they make ‘balance’ adjustments, iChase.

  10. its like the izumo, some say its ok others say its horrible

  11. First sorry to hear the pain you have been going through though glad you’re feeling better. I’ve noticed for a long time it seems more and more people lack empathy for others. For example, in WoT, the deforestation that WG was doing to there maps killed the game for me, or in WoWs the Captain skill Radio Location killed the enjoyment for me. And yet people flip out over me losing interest if the games for those reasons simply because they have different play styles and such and yet they can’t understand that other people might find different things fun within a game.

  12. For me one of the worst things about communication is on the forums is someone goes on and asks for help 85% of the responses will be learn to play 🙂 However among them are posts from helpful players but get lost in the quagmire. Recently someone asked how to best do the 1600 base xp mission and we had hordes of “learn to play” and “what are you talking about it is easy”. The player had only just got to level 7 ships but half of the ones that did reply told him to take out a 10 to do it. Luckily enough of us told him that using DD’s would make it easier for him and what to prioritise but he had to wade through 10 pages of e-peens and insults 🙂

  13. I used to get very bad migraines from the age of 7 to 42 that ended with a large double brain aneurysms rupture in my sleep. Needless to say I nearly died after 2 surgeries and 2 weeks in a coma in a neurological ICU. By all logic I should be dead. Fortunately I made it with some disability. I strongly suggest you get the dye test for a full vascular image of your brain if these headaches continue. Great to hear you are healthy.

  14. The number 2 turret of thr Iowa was destroyed… how historically accurate!

  15. Hey, Chase, I hope they can pinpoint your health issues soon, and that the headaches go away sooner than that.

    I think there’s one thing you didn’t consider here. Everyone’s experience is different. Not everyone has the same play style. There are ships that some are great at, that you hate, and ones you’re good at and others aren’t. If everyone played exactly the same this would be a boring game because of how predictable the other players would be. Furthermore,, there can almost never be an absolute right answer for which Ship is terrible and which Ship is phenomenal. People want different things

    As such, I’ll bet you that some ships suit some players’ game play better than others. You mentioned the KGV, a ship which I absolutely love. The heal is definitely better than other BBs of the Tier, and I always have the Damage Control and Repair Party upgrades and the +20% flag loaded, if available. I spam HE from her guns as I also have the Demolition Expert skill. I love setting fires, I guess, however, I usually will drop to within 8KM before I switch to AP. It just feels right. However, if that’s not for you, then fine, there are probably better ships for you.

    Variety, it’s what makes us unique 🙂

  16. While I still agree with ichase’s overall point, the server population argument is only a factor if there are unequal distributions of player skill as a percentage of the overall populations. If the top 20% on both servers are just as skilled, then it doesn’t matter.

  17. I feel your pain, experienced the same thing many years ago. Be thankful you didn’t have meningitis.

  18. Mr IChase I hope your health improves. Enjoyed the conversation about opinions very nice to hear a rational and logical analysis of conditions. Still working on my English and your elocution and annunciation helps me understand the words and context. Thank you sir for your wonderful channel

  19. Spinal headaches… I had that exact thing happen to me and they had to do a blood patch

  20. ‘gee, I thought funky camouflage did that.

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