World of Warships – Exploring Gascogne Identity

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Trying to understand what the Gascogne is good at and whether these traits will be applied to other French Battleships. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII French Battleship Gascogne Replay


  1. Except when I play my Alabama, I charge with my team, hold flanks mostly by myself, bait the enemy with my broadside because I can take hits my friendly cruisers can’t, I defend DDs from air attacks and cruisers and most of the time corral my team to victory with tips and suggestions. So yeah. So much for that theory. And on the topic of your question, the Richelieu please, I want to know if it’s worth grinding up to her. Thank you!

    • Thats why my survival rate is so low in bbs (~30%)… i usually charge in or get near the cap to support dds. However, my WR is rather high with 60% in Yamato. BBs are maybe not the crucial tools crucial for capture or fancy gimmick support, but are sure as hell the most powerful assets when it comes to tanking and power factor – and that’s how BBs should be played – get the hell in AND TANK. BB in the right place can be the deciding factor in any game, the only problem being that 70% of BB players don’t understand how to position themselves or what flank to support.

    • Well if you charge in with a Yamato, you’re gonna have a bad time, she’s not a brawler but long range fire support. And I would like to introduce you to the glorious skill of kiting.

    • Yamato should be played as a bunker. Nose forward, get in close and REK everything. If DDs know how to take the advantage of my position, win is almost guaranteed as I can take the enemy spam forever. However, if the team abandons you, you are dead. Unfortunately, she’s rather poor with the kiting game, trust me I tried – unlike my Amagi that I mostly use as an annoying flanker.

    • That’s the single most stupid thing you can do with a battleship, just sit bow in as cruisers and other BBs cook the shit out of you, no ship can take spam forever, not even the Lion or Conqueror can. You can’t rely on your team to hold your hand through a match, it’s not their job to babysit you. The Yamato is perfect for kiting. Your guns, accuracy and speed guarantee it. You can get her concealment down to 13.5kms.

    • Well, my WR and the constant position in the top 3 in almost any match tell different story. I get what you are saying and trust me, I would enjoy playing her the way she’s meant to – sitting at 15-17 km and blowing stuff up (and I do run concealment build, that’s what allows me to get fast to any cap), but the problem is that in almost 80% of recent matches ships like Kurfurst or Conqueror or Montana STAY IN THE BACK, the same being with the enemy team. Someone has to provide close support.

      For the refference, you can find me under the name ST_dasa (my WR dropped recently a bit tho):,Yamato/?p=8

  2. T7 whit that 16 guns Lyon. TX just is boring and unintresting filler.

  3. Wish there was a commander skill that gave battleships an aura of healing that slowly healed nearby friendlies, similar to that of what was in the recent halloween event

  4. Richelieu next 🙂

  5. Black Jack Shellac

    If they aren’t careful Cruisers parking behind islands will quickly become World of Tanks on water and does radar see thru solid objects like islands in real life?

    • Well, thats best they can do, because in this meta where there is so much bbs, cos showing yourself with a cruiser on high tier on the open eqals being deleted. Unless you are 18 km away. Thats how it works, when every T10 bb need 3 citadels to one shot you, and shooting CA every bb shell has high possibility to be citadel, since they overmatch your armor everywhere. And having a radar on top of your floating citadel means everyone in the range to shoot will shoot you as soon as they see you, believe me, i know what i talk about being DM captain with over 250 battles under my belt.

    • Yeah it’s very WOT, especially at high tiers. How to fix it though? Maybe a increase in enemy dispersion based on your speed to encourage not sitting still?

    • Dunno man. Mby if you gave ppl rewards for what they are supposed to do, they would play differently. Because now often dds instead of contesting caps go for a solo mission on the flank torping bbs, who sit in their spawn for first 10 min. Mby if game rewarded bbs for tanking dmg, they would play more agressive. Or reward dds with spot assists, for dmg done on their spotting too. Nerfing disperion might help, but playing bbs with bad disperion is so frustrating(long live Dunkerque!), im not really sure about that idea. Its how this game is designed now, and i dont think you can do much about CA sitting behind the islands. Its just what CAs are supposed to do rn, and mby it looks easy, but positioning is everything for most CAs in the game, and they get rewarded for fininding perfect positions for the exact moment.

    • The missions don’t help with this. If someone has a set X fires missions they are focused on setting fires, not working to support the team and win.

  6. Richelieu PLZ

  7. Do the usual Notser, show us the full line, from the tier 3 to the final tier 10. That way, people will be able to see every French BB, and expect how their gameplay is. 😉

  8. I guess you could charge in with you dd or cruiser to provide support. There look like a battlecruiser. Cruiser speed , battleship armor(partially), lots of dispersion (battleships), it could probably be a HE bb Semi spammer.

    • I think another brawling battleships(secondary power) might be good.

    • Shiv Nagpal The Japanese would fit that role if they got their citadels lowered like EVERY OTHER BB LINE. Seriously, I don’t even bother tying to citadel battleships anymore. I just aim for the upper hull to get those 15k salvos.

    • I think that the french have no role for now in World Of Warships.

    • Shiv Nagpal Well, from playing Alsace, it feels like an Iowa which is better at flanking and disengaging. It’s guns are fairly reliable as well. I think Gasconge is just an outlier. Hopefully, the other ships in the line are better, especially France. Their role should be to support fast cruisers and get to enemy broadsides quickly, but if the guns are as inaccurate as the premium, they shouldn’t even be in the game.

    • Yeah probably

  9. The ship didnt work Notser cos you were sailing in the wrong way! Everyone knows every French war machine works best when you running awa… ekhmm, i mean attacking in the alternative direction.

    • Still fun

    • Old indeed. Since 2003 iirc. 😉

    • Mammoth Mk3 Quite frankly, France is an independent nation that chose to say “no” to the US’S stupid plan. And now seeing that the French won’t be “pet’s” and are perfectly ready to defend their own interests, highly arrogant Americans just call them cowards. Insult is what people use when they have no arguments. It’s really just a sign of weakness…

    • Simon Meyer Well, in relationship between nation state, there are no such thing as eternal enemy or forever friendship, only state’s interest matter.

      Or at least that’s how I see the world politic work. (And yes, that include relationship between US and Japan, or Germany and her neighbor for example)

    • Go tell that to each single graves of the 1.400.000 French soldiers who died in WW1…

  10. The problem on the French BBs is the fact that quad turrets in few numbers give you less dice rolls in dispersion. If only WG could implement the real layout of the quad turrets (two twin turrets together with an armored bulkhead in between) it would make things so much easier because on Dunkerque, Richelieu, Gascogne or France, you’d have 4 dispersion rolls instead of 2. 2 rolls is all or nothing basically. Where Bismarck has 4 rolls and Fuso has 6.

  11. Look forward to Lyon, Richelieu and Alsace… Most the Lyon. 16 guns.. Holy shit!! 😀

  12. Oh that was painful to watch those broadside misses…

  13. The number of battles I’ve been in recently where the BBs either hide at the very back of the map or head off to an uncontested objective, leaving the rest of the team to either fight it out and die before the BBs get into range, or hold back and wait for support, giving out the entire map to the enemy. There seems to be a lack of aggression and willingness to tank for the team.

  14. mynameiswritinwater

    well not looking forward to the French BBs at all… got dunkerque from the christmas containers which feels “mostly useless” and almost all impressions i have seen on the Gascogne so far,,,, “very underwhelming”.

  15. stop this bullshit “over-pen” on BB vs BB fight ,thats insane,comon WG u can do it better

  16. I wouldn’t mind seeing footage of Lyon, the T7.

  17. When I played the t9 French BB I went with a secondary build it’s a great brawler

  18. Richelieu first ( even if as a native of Alsace i’d prefer see the battleship of the same name )

    • Alsace seems to be the best ship of the entire line and my most anticipated one.
      But do not take offense, i will call mine Flandre (and the Normandie as well) since this was also the name for one of the ship in the class XD

  19. what a shitty warships

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