World of Warships – Extra Salty

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I’m starting to get the distinct impression that you lot are trying to outdo each other when it comes to how a battle ends. Which is fine by me.

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  1. 0:07 witness the intelligence of my team mates in every battle.

  2. Some say the ocean is salty due to the rage and tears of all the unicums in wows for dying early in the game

  3. Jingles!!! The lexington isn’t a premium carrier!!! That’s the Enterprise

  4. Lexington is now a premium Tier 8 carrier ? ?

    • @adaml83 everything is a submarine with that pack

    • @Zetarn
      I dont know why they bothered spacing them out every 2 tiers anyways. They spent all that time modelling them and balancing them, so why not? It would also make it more likely to be able to go into any Ranked or Clan battles as well

    • @cinjon smythe i think the idea was to make them every other tier until they fine-tuned the balance as it’s easier to figure out 3 ships per tech tree when making drastic changes than it is for 6

    • @Paladin
      fair enough but I reckon they have solidified the mechanics by now. I dont forsee them ever going back to the RTS style gameplay( which I actually liked BTW) I was just hoping to get my Essex back is all

    • @cinjon smythe they did it to keep the carrier player wait time down in case the rework didn’t increase the carrier population and since not every battle have carriers they kept it.

  5. I see, so the Tech tree Tier 8 USS CV is the Enterprise, and Lexington is the Premium counterpart.

  6. last time i was this early, he was known as the Bohemian Eagle.

  7. The Lexington, our favourite tier 10 destroyer. Shoots at planes with torpedoes

    …….”HEY FARVE…”

  9. “I’ll pistol whip the next person who says Shenanigans”

  10. Uh actually Jingles, the Enterprise the premium tier VIII.

  11. I sense Jingles isn’t to big a fan of carriers in their current state 🙂

    • @Kuhluh it’s a not very fleshed out mechanic. Like I’ll lose a main turret once every 30 or 40 games. But AA and secondaries die all the time. I think CVs get way too much heat though.

    • @David that’s why I said that things like that shouldn’t be lost at all anymore

    • @David CVs don’t magically get infinite planes either. If the enemy cruisers and rusAgisn bbs work together as a CV you are simply fighting an uphill battle. You better pray your team showers them with HE and can drive them apart. Other than that you’ll be relegated to scouting duty.

    • Lexington sounds like the SDF 1 from Macross with the protoculture matrix. Does this mean well see a Zentraedi ship line next patch? Oh please WG, make it so

    • its bad for the game, it honestly is. doesnt mean i will stop playing them though salt generators are fun + it helps you learn the match up as the surface ship. this applies to CVs more than any other class but a Uni CV will have perfect counter play to your ships AA

  12. I got a captain named Jingles but he is saying everything correctly.Must be a knock off….

  13. Jingles what are you talking about, the US tier 8 carrier is the Yamato… oof

  14. Jingles: “Tune in tomorrow…”

    Me: “Wife, fetch my bat!”

  15. At the words: “Tune in tomorrow…” I started checking prices to fly to GB to strangle the caretaker of large kittens and small dogs.

  16. Th mistake that killed him was more then just a mistake. he had hydro running and at 2km those torps would be insta spotted.

  17. Todays’ video featuring that famous German Tier 3 Destroyer, the USS Lexington.

    • The Lexington still had planes because he was dropping strikes into the ocean to deliberately thin out his squadrons so he wouldn’t take unnecessary losses. That is, he was attacking with half or third strength squadrons on purpose. Additionally that rocket strike on the Alaska didn’t take much damage because he used the island for cover on the first approach.

    • Jingles, when you pulled that little shenanigan at the end (threatening to make us wait), my verbal response was “you asshole!” I thought you just might do it!

      Thanks for the show, once again.

    • That’s why we love you!

    • Oh yes, my favorite ship!

    • you mean PREMIUM tier 3 destroyer

  18. Everyone: Jingles, the premium US CV is the Enterprise
    Saipan: sad plane noises

  19. Everyone: CV OP. Please nerf.
    WG: Historically accurate.

  20. CV player: *is good*

    Jingles: “I’m about to excuse away this man’s whole career.”

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