World of Warships – F.D. Roosevelt is the most overpowered Carrier/Ship in the game!

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Hello boys and girls. Today I present you my first game with the F.D Roosevelt! The american carrier is going to be released in the update 0.9.9 and will cost 33.000 steel. Unfortunately it is way to powerful. We had smolensk, Stalingrad, Petro, Richthofen and more. But I never imagined that we something as this CV ingame! Thank you all your support! stay safe and healthy!


  1. Now many of you would say well it could be luck in the first game, but nope. Second game was 190K and third game 164K! I barely play CV’s and yet I can do a lot of damage and kills. Not to mention the spotting damage of more than 200k in the games………..this thing is way to strong and should have not been released like this.

    • @Jotti 70 what do you think soviet cv’s will come

    • Ranit Roy i believe they will introduce Soviet CV, but i dont know when. Only one thing for sure: they will be completely overpowered.

    • This thing is today available for every player who has saved the steel – WG is complete destroying their great game and I dont know why they do this – i see complete no reasson

    • WG: works as intended build all ships for AA spec.
      Next 20 games no carrier to be seen….

    • I don’t think it is the end of the world.. It’s a very expensive steel ship that few players will have.
      What about thunderer ?? That’s very broken and it is available for coal….

  2. After looking over the FDR to things really stand out
    1= No disabled badge
    2= It doesn’t look like there’s one wheelchair ramp
    Just in time for the T10 Clan battles.
    The forums are going to be more toxic than Chernobyl

  3. The game is broken if they are bringing out Cv’s like this. No one will ever want to play a Cruiser or BB again after watching this.

    • So much bitching about a ship for steel, which is harder to obtain than dobulons, and especially for CVs that are, oh boy, appear so much often in battles. Like, really? Smolensk is much of a bigger annoyance than this.

    • @Nomad Void Yes, people bitch about it because of what it will do to the game. It seems like WG is hell-bent on destroying their own game, which is just sad.

    • It’s just impossible to not get hit. There is basically no counterplay to it. I can even see a kleber eating 5k rocket volleys because the spread is ginormous

    • Frans van Terwisga

      Dude, the torps are nuts. I did GK in ranked yesterday hoping i could be the tanky guy for the team. This FDR comes in 2 passes with torps and removes 30-50% of my hp….. this fdr is a nightmare for wows players

    • Quantum Uncertainty Workshop

      good… maybe those HE cancer spammers will finally learn their lesson now that we have something to use against them!

  4. woooow this cv is a MONSTER . I am sure that good cv players can do about over 350k damage EASY . WOW.

  5. The guys with the steel who can actually unlock this are pretty much unicums right? So once they have this beauty, its death from a above for the majority of us. This thing….is broken af. There is going to be some tears of rage in the days/weeks ahead. I cant wait to see the redditers on this one!

  6. As if AA wasn’t useless already, WG something that can ignore AA completely.

  7. Look at that HP – 55.7K
    Even some certain tier 8 BBs don’t have that HP……🤔🤔
    Odin and champagne…….I’m looking at you😂

  8. North Carolinian Mapping

    Alternate title: Trenlass Making Pigeon Noises for 21 Minutes Straight

  9. The flying Vermont, planes are slow and have a long reload but they hit hard.

    Things like this are not good for the game.

  10. I’m not leaving T7

  11. I had one focus me in a Massachusetts first time I saw one, right at the start of the round. Barely even made it in range to shoot before I was back at the dock…

  12. Enterprise: who are you
    FDR: I am you but with bad stomach, so I shit planes, rockets, bombs and torps more than you.
    Enterprise: oh really
    FDR: farts
    Enterprise: ok I get it🤣

  13. WG pls buff, he only got 1 kill, and he was not able to kill a ship when it counted, pls buff, don’t release it like this, you heard him at the end it’s busted, it junk, pls buff

  14. Figures the first Tier 12 ship is a CV. This thing is meme incarnate.

  15. 슬픔으로 가득 찬 세상

    Now imagine what Russian CVs will do.. drop nukes with impeccable accuracy?

  16. Players: cvs not balanced
    WG: ok here comes Roosevelt
    Have fun players
    Sorry run players 😂😂

  17. Casually striking a group of Des Moines + Pommern + Drake + Jean Bartest.

    Seriously, wtf is this. “just sail in group”, eh?

  18. So.. The guy that designed the Kitakami was transferred to CV team?

  19. “This ship is disgusting!”
    “If I had steel I’d buy it.”
    I like your logic.

  20. This CV is a bit over the top, over 100k just playing around with how things work lol. Imagine someone going hard after the enemy 🤣

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