World of Warships – F.D. Roosevelt – THE STRONGEST TIER 10 CV

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Hello boys and girls. I hope you are all doing well. Today I present you a game with the F.D Roosevelt. This aircraft carrier is in my opinion the strongest in the game and to be honest it should be weaker. I do not often call ships overpowered, but this one is definitely to strong. Thank you for all the support. Stay safe and healthy.


  1. I get the feeling WG wants me to join a clan.

  2. Dive bomb lession 1: always drop DDs from the side

  3. Another example of WG’s total inability to understand their own game. CV”s ruin the game and to introduce this POS just pisses their players off.

  4. So the planes stay high? I wondered what they meant by carpet bombing.

  5. The other thing with the FDR is that you can completely CV snipe. Its planes can just ignore the AA for the CV and torp it then bomb it. A good FDR can have a Haku gone in 3-4 strikes, leaving him and his team free to go to town.

    • The FDR planes are slow. this means reaching the enemy CV takes way too long. in return enemy CV can drop fighters and decimate your planes.
      MVR is the real ultimate CV killer. Unfortunately many MvR players Do not know it. this give you a very good insight of the actual playerbase average skill 🙂

    • @Vecio Alpin when the other cv player is not dumb u cant snipe him or it would at least take too long. But when u have a minimapignoring enemy cv player -> have fun :D!

  6. The Captain's Quarters

    WG: Let’s release a CV with bigger tougher squadrons but only 2 planes per attack. To compensate for the missing plane for the attack let’s just give them 4 torps/plane instead. BALANCE!

    btw, there’s a small typo in the description. The plane is too strong, not to strong 🙂

  7. 4:46 uhhh yes, sometimes…

  8. Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

    the timing is actually pretty cool, both attack time and reload. force cvs to spot and be more forgiving on fewer attack runs. they should test that for the lower tiers. also more planes less dmg per hit could be nice for low tier cv game play.

  9. A perfectly balanced tier 12 carrier.

  10. Every cv has a different drop pattern for the bombs. Roosevelt has one that fans out to the side so it favours strikes from the side. Most cv jocks have the habbit of attacking from the front to mitigate AA but Roosevelt planes are sturdy enough to attack the sides. Also. The bombs drop slowly so you have to lead quite a bit sometimes. That slow drop and speed on the rockets, make ithard to get dds.
    But you can spot for ages and that is the bane of any DD.

  11. I feel like the MVR still prevails over FDR except for the torpedos

  12. And this CV was the reason I uninstalled WOWS!

    • CV in general caused mine, but knowing this bullshittery and the nonsense that is submarines is coming certainly contributed.

  13. Shikikan Deutschland

    Yes, FDR is OP, but we can all agree that it looks good, right?

  14. i hope the Tier 10s subs will have cruiser missiles to launch at the CVs.. here catch u backliner camper

  15. AA is fine , CVs are fine all is well in the eyes of the Glorious spreadsheet.

  16. I had to scrub my hands twice and also had to bath my eyes after watching this 😀

  17. this CV shouldn’t really exist in game, it’s too unbalanced.

    • Lol, this ship us easy to beat. You just need your own cv to drop fighters. They’ll kill 7 of the planes in seconds

  18. Everyone : something very OP about ships that have 3 letter initials (MVR, FDR)
    Me: cries in my FDG.

  19. Manfred: let me introduce myself

  20. Michael Søndergaard

    cant even watch this to an end. every time a new cv comes out, it becomes some sick filth but the teddy is just dumb. i admit i only had it agaist me once and it only attacked me once but took 1/3 of my health in one strike with rockets. cv’s are ruin the game

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