World of Warships – Faceoff Edinburgh vs Gearing

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and get into a fight on Loop, my Edinburgh moves out to the western side while the enemy tries to support the eastern flank. I attempt to flank the enemy as they try to damage friendlies over in the east. The enemy does a good job harassing my friendlies around C point. Both sides keep the game extremely close and competitive to the end. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Edinburgh Replay
Tier X Gearing Replay


  1. Haha I’m first

  2. hey notser, need to settle a debate between my friends and I. can a
    Khabarovsk take on a gearing in a midranges fight of around 7km

  3. Loool “That Akizuki,that little slime” 9.04.

  4. Nice with the 2 point view! I know you probably havent got the time for it
    but if you get a replay from both teams it would be cool to have both
    playing on screen with one bigger than the other according to who you

  5. I guess I’ll be taking a few days off from world of warships…. want to
    wait until the replays with the new patch
    come out 2 see what Captain Skills Notser & Flamu use on their ships….

  6. oh man! Doctor was using Torp acceleration…..

  7. So if the enemy team had RPF you would have lost eh.

  8. good video notser, i like seeing battle from both sides

  9. Seeing this game from 2 points of view was really unique and very
    enjoyable. You should do this more often! Sadly, that guy on Dr.’s team
    dropping the N-word and all of the other toxicity reminds me of all the
    worse aspects of tier X play.

  10. 10:21 lol, that’s another YT’er

  11. Good game but lmao at PoiKaiNi in chat.

  12. was hoping for a dpm-off between the 2 directly. But a nice feature of
    seeing both sides.

  13. Excellent Video Notser! Was great to see the battle from both sides.

  14. Physician, heal thyself!

  15. RPF would solve this game ….

  16. I watched this during the stream last week. what a great battle! I’m glad
    we figured out his name and he had the replay! Good stuff guys!

  17. leander still the best. with it 8.8 concealment and ok matchmaking

  18. Michael “Tofolooo” Peron

    Excellent gameplay ty++

  19. NOSTER hurry up with new skills :D

  20. this was really cool video

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