World of Warships – FACEPALM

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Okey 1st of all, I’m shocked with this ships performance. I’m gonna have to give it a go here and there to make sure this wasn’t one in a million (it does help being ahead of opponents push) but what’s even more shocking for me was the results at the end xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. As the old man would say….never underestimate the ability of a team to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!

  2. 7:26 when Flambass gets surprised by torps????

  3. Tash better than Khaba

  4. There are some of our best players in the clan that say the Tashkent is the best DD in the game.

  5. Looking at the end screen that -1 on the other team had to do some serious damage, probably had an accident like the one that got you.

    The Top players on your team did not actually sink enough ships, and the other team had a nice spread of kills among them.

    They were simply better team and some luck with damage RNG to survive hits, because you were not the only one to have high damage and too few kills.

  6. Smolensk top score as always…

  7. Hope everyone enjoys the game when it becomes a matter of whichever side has the better Smolensk player wins 90% of battles.
    I suppose once everyone plays Smolensk and ONLY Smolensk then in one sense it will be balanced.

  8. Don’t know about too aggressive, certainly too much stuffing around with the torpedo info on the different screens ?

  9. Jimmiar Reltherford

    Liked the Task but it was difficult to play for me. Then, the CV rework happened and I sold all my DDs. May have to buy it back again ??

  10. Showing the bias again for a certain branch. Pity about the Ohio I thought the American line would finally get a ship that was easy to play.

  11. “A fast moving full speed turning Russian destroyer”
    It’s a pocket heavy cruiser, comrade.

  12. I see you too like to run the Dashkent

  13. My khaba is jalous !!! 15.2 firing range, 8 km torpedo, yeah after the french DD, the khaba need a little range buff.

  14. Gareth Fairclough

    Hey, Flam, is there something up with your rig? I ask, because there’s a lot more in the way of visible FPS drops in the vid (reflected in the FPS counter as well).

  15. I had 4 legit facepalms on legends last night. 2 of them were my fault.

  16. smolensk really pissing me off recently.

  17. wow flambass i think you need more thermal paste

  18. Post your captain and modules right now !

  19. Yeah playing too aggressively is what gets me killed in the Tashkent 🙁
    But it’s amazing fun if your team is supportive.

  20. Well, Smolensk seems…. fun…. to play against.

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