World of Warships – Failing My Way To A Win

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Moevil and Bo return to World of Warships after a couple month break. What little skill we may have had quickly disappeared over time.


  1. Still better than me.

  2. You made me face palm :(

  3. Hey Bo, next time don’t even think about using the torpedoes on your
    American destroyers. Use the guns instead. American destroyer guns may be
    tiny, but they fire fast and can be very dangerous if you’re not paying
    attention. If you want solely torpedo gameplay, use the Japanese

  4. Stop trying to torpedo ships that are on like 2k hitpts, lol.

  5. holy shit bo’s playing world of warships!

  6. have you got your channel back yet?

  7. actually a really nice game, enjoyable commentary as well. Goofy enough to
    be funny while still engaging in the gameplay so it didnt get annoying.

  8. I guess thats kinda revenge Moe, you beat Bo on the leader board yesterday,
    you die right away in WoWS the next day.

  9. Can’t wait for more vids like this!

  10. Bo next time, if your opponent is watching you…just launch a spread from
    one torpedo launcher for him to dodge. take the time to get close, then
    launch another spread of torps on his new path.

  11. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

    Man,Moe’s crew must really be enjoying that beach,just chilling when a
    stray shell could hit them

  12. at 3:48 you get a good view of the BOmuda-Triangle =p

  13. more warships please!

  14. 666 views and 66 likes … ok :D

  15. Awesome! Instead of pressing Alt all the time it’s easier to go into
    settings -> controls and enable “Alternative battle interface mode”. It
    makes life easier :)

  16. Bohica actually doing WoWs. Oh the carnage is real

  17. Moe was in good comedic form on this one

  18. Bo, when will you do more Spintires? I love watching this strugle :D

  19. OK so one warship beached currently serving Moe-jito’s and one warship
    serving up deepfried seabass with fricken laserbeams on their heads.. Nice
    vid once again !

  20. You have seen the pros play World of Warships! Now see the reservist play

    I actually don’t believe I have played this since CBT. Not saying I had
    much skill in this game to start with… but I am shaking my head after
    this one.

  21. Can’t wait for the russian bias on the war thunder navies too 

  22. Wish they would add submarienes to this… :-)

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