World of Warships – Fallen Angel

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For reason I remember the Minekaze as being “not very good” after the initial nerfs a few years ago, but the old girl’s still got it.

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  1. 0:36 Jingles ya gotta take a look at that graphics card in that backup system of yours

  2. Jesus that glitch at 0:35 scared the shit out of me.

  3. Hey Jingles, that Ohio that was apparently sunk at 0:27 was actually a Georgia…

    Please don’t ever change

  4. That intro…

    Makes me miss my T6 Cleveland

  5. Ishizushi was the MVP of the red team, well played.

  6. Need more low tier seal clubbing!

  7. So unfair that Jingles only ever covers players on Team Green, never Team Orange. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Green player myself, but come on – biased much?

  8. Man playing destroyers always looks so fun everytime I hope in a destroyed the CV focus me and I’m dead in the first 30 seconds of the match

    • Lol, so you don’t use smokescreens? Interesting challenge

    • @Olaf Messchendorp Shiratsuyu with Torp reload booster would like to have a word with you

    • Just dodge.-_-

    • @Olaf Messchendorp would really prefer not to, since you only get 3 or 4 of them unless you’re British. Carrier spots you early game before you can get a chance to get into position and you’re forced to use a smokescreen. You can’t take advantage of this smokescreen for anything besides avoiding getting deleted by a carrier since you’re not yet in position and nothing is in range. Carriers don’t usually spend more than 20 seconds circling over a smokescreen so the rest of the 1-2minute smokescreen is wasted while you are still trying to get into position. I have used smoke(about 50% of the time depending upon my DD and the CV) to keep myself intact in a plane-rich environment for the opening minutes of the match but I’m never happy about it.

      And oh yea, torpedo reload booster is fun on the IJN torp line if there’s a carrier around. Then there’s the French and European DDs which don’t even get the option to have a smokescreen.

  9. Don’t mention the Georgia or the old Gnome will send us to the salt mines.

  10. 6:25 Looking at a British battleship Orion about to eat torpedoes “Oh yes, he’s gonna get the Marblehead”…. Never change Jingles.

  11. It would be nice to see more Low Tier Fights like this ! Tier 10 Only has becomes so BORING to Watch at times like these !

    • I totally agree!! It’s more entertaining to see if someone can take advantage of a mistake or lack of knowledge. Watching tier X games is kinda like watching the NFL. Blatant mistakes are so few and far between, it’s all just rather boring.

    • I agree. More low tier battles with tips on what should be done and why the errors made are bad.

    • I’d like to see a fight featuring that tier III “battleship” the USS St. Louis to be honest.

    • @Thomas Kass this. Education is always good. Makes better players overall.

    • @ut000bs St. Louis is one of my favorite low-tier ships. 👍
      Jingles has a video about the St. Louis, but it’s from many updates ago and sadly is probably out for date by now. Still fun to watch, though.

  12. “Well done Ishizushi. Let’s give him the benefit of he doubt” – when you hear Jingles say that, you know that battleship is going to do smething very stupid within next 2-3 minutes XD

  13. Shimakaze means “Island wind” as well btw

  14. Alternate title, extremely experienced player clubs some seals down at the low end for funsies.

    • Yeah it’s kind of painful to see how he didn’t even have to deviate from the torpedo aim assist in his first 10 drops or so.
      I remember Jingles being a bit condescending on another video, saying he just wouldn’t feature Conqueror replays where the post game results showed the player had only fired HE, as that’s too easy/boring. Well, this is sort of the same, to be honest.

  15. I appreciate the Diablo 3 reference in the title, well done.

  16. Jingles, I’ll be blunt here, but you need to cut the crap with the disclaimers. I wanna see more low tier battles (1-5) from you because it’s fun to hear you say ships you’ve rarely mentioned (lol) and if I’m lucky, you’ll talk about their history for 5 minutes. If the battle is to short, then I don’t mind a two in one video.

    Nobody is gonna call you out for being a jerk and posting low tier battles. Nobody, alright? In fact, much like Wargaming’s decision to not host the GuP tanks in PC, your missing out on a market of new players that can finally relate to your videos.

    “OMG, I was/am sailing a Minekaze/Erie/Tenryu/Friant! So that’s how you play the ship?!”

  17. “Those of you who can cast your memories back as far as the closed beta…”
    Sorry, is that from the Before Times? I know that *something* happened prior to the arrival of Covid approximately five hundred years ago near the start of 2020, but I can’t actually remember any of the details.

  18. low tier seal clubbing… wow…. the minekaze doesnt even have to aim himself… so sad

  19. Up to Tier 4 matchmaking is “protected” lol how about the constant 4 or even 6 CV matches when you are a Tier 3 with virtually 0 AA, yay?

  20. Let us not forget the Tacokaze – Wind caused by last night’s spicy dinner

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