World Of Warships Fan Funny moments – The Beginning

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It is here guys! The new Fan Funny!
The beginning of something marvelous!
I am super exited from the thought of working with your videos!


  1. As per your request I will be moving the fan funny series from my second channel here!
    Coz you know… Everything for my community<3
    I will move all existing videos from the franchise here as well in the next week or so.
    Yes this will mean that my 2nd channel will become kinda a video deserted waistland but eh.... Having a second channel is overrated anyways. I may start producing some special content for it in the future idk... I dont have a plan for it atm but hey... Do i look like a guy with a plan?

  2. The Beginning of the End

  3. I can just picture the flex tape video I CUT THIS BOAT IN HALF

  4. Mason the bacon hair

    Second to this legendary vid

  5. The start… of a new chapter.

  6. I exit WoWs after ramming newbs with my massive guns, and i find this fresh on the table….


  7. What’s the music at 2:49?

  8. 4:02 – Rise of Evil – Flags of Our Fathers

  9. Holycow! That DD random fire by Gneisennau so good

  10. The beginning of the end for the second channel

  11. You’ve done a lot of progress on editing, good job, keep it like that!

  12. “A Kung Fu Panda meme?” *puffs cigar* “Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.”

  13. It’sactually Kill-stealing most of the time, sinking three or four ships in a row with final shots of 500 to 2000hp isn’t really great

  14. 海外でもソ連ネタってあるんね…

  15. hmmm very interesting, I think you received all the ships from WG for being a content producer, right?

  16. 2:10 WW2 acording to Stalin

  17. 2:35 – where are my citadels?

  18. Too short, i need more memes Daniel.

  19. Im amazed how your back isnt broke by that carry.

  20. i just have the feelin this is going to get Copyright Claimed OR some (Guy who “knows” more about some stuff) going to complain that some stuff here upsets him. Thx for the Vid btw I Really Enjoyed it 🙂 Please don’t stop making them.

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