World Of Warships Fan Funny – Reborn

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World Of Warships funny and epic compilation made entirely of your own gameplay!

Dive into this insane madness head first and enjoy!

If you want to watch me play live on twitch, chat with me in my server or support me you can do so here:


  1. Haven’t played wow since before subs were introduced…..but I’ll still enjoy some Danny-chans and club music.

  2. 10 min video😅 still good👍good Job dani🍿🍿

  3. The beautiful editing of the video keep up the great work Daniel it always gives me a great laugh.

  4. Man, I wish I still had the enthusiasm to play this game….

  5. Woah that Venezia against Submarine best scene

  6. 8:42 Minimap, what’s that?

  7. Submarines introduced new levels of torpedobeats!

  8. What is the name, of this nice UI mod?

  9. I cannot imagine being that Bismarck player at the end. Imagine going into ranked and not taking a detonation flag 😂😂😂

  10. 6:37 bro was playing hardcore difficulty

  11. lol Nice edits Daniel and Dani-chan.

  12. That are some really nice clips, thank you all for sending them in! But what I liked the most is inspecting all the different UIs and mods, very interesting. 👌😊

  13. I’m confused, why Dani has polish sounds LOL
    anyways Greeting from Poland captain !
    ok: Fan video I’m just dumb xD

  14. minimap the size of a peanut, scroll to zoom, so this is what a 40% winrate player is like…

  15. Looooove your music taste, Danny. o7

  16. The whiff at 6:00

  17. that was fun. fans making mayhem!

  18. Hitting with Bismarck: wait thats illegal

  19. Tomás Gonzalez Luciani

    0:35 awesome

  20. 0:30 Simply the most stolen thing I’ve ever seen

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