World of Warships – Farmatago

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Welcome to Atago farm where you don’t farm Atagos but Atago farms you.
Enjoy your stay and pls don’t forget to leave all your HP before you go, thank you.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. That atago looks really sexy

  2. *20 fires*
    “It ain’t much, but it’s honest work”

  3. GG the great Flambino

  4. Lol. Heard you say “no need to worry about torps”, saw the Kaga, and more or less figured it would end up the way it ended up 😀

  5. What’s wrong with this team you ask? Long weekend, the true essence of weekend…

  6. Hey, Bismarck sank Hood

  7. at least you did well, but the enemy team should have been killed you for 3 times, they were complete mongs, well gg

  8. Atago is my favorite so much fun not crazy overpowered compared to mogami. It’s the way premiums should be.

    • How is Mogami OP in any way? A BB Looks at you and you take a citadel even when angled. At least when im driving it. Of course when i shoot at Mogami with a Battleship the dispersion trolls me or i get 4 bounces and two pens for no damage so yeah… Atago is the same.

    • +Durstiger Hugo He didn’t say Mogami was overpowered. He said Atago wasn’t overpowered in relation to Mogami, meaning it is a premium that is balanced with the tech tree ship, unlike, say, Izumo and Musashi.

  9. The CV was probably slingshot dropping you. Yuro did a vid on it. The CV drops the first set of bombs in the ocean and then using the immunity and fast travel they are able to zoom straight on top of you for the second drop. Its an exploitation of a bad mechanic. It apparently takes some practice to get right but it is very effective. I had a ranger do it to me. When you see the planes a fair way from you you think you are safe for the moment and you can actually see them do a bomb/rocket/torp drop in open ocean and then BAM, the planes fast travel right on top of you for the second drop. They pretty much appear out of nowhere and give you next to no time to react.

    • Yep that’s the best way of securing a safe attack run without losing too much planes. I tried that the other day on my Ryuujo and it was pretty effective in conserving planes. My dive bombers were best suited for it. Dropping at around 7-8km away will give enough AA immunity time for the planes to close in with enough lead. The hits are still uncertain though and planes still get hit after the attack run. That Kaga probably did some chain-drops (can’t remember if this was the right term). It is like the slingshot drop but against targets that are (almost) perfectly lined up. For the CV player this is advantageous but for other ships this is annoying because you’re waiting for your AAs to fire but they’re just sitting there with a pikachu face.

    • This is actually so good at neutralizing AA ships and makes them pretty useless that it actually ruins the game.

  10. ATAGO IS sexy ship…!!

  11. What’s wrong with your team? You mean people who charge one at a time at a blob of enemy BBs etc when your team has points advantage, show broadside, and get slaughtered? Almost as though they can’t read a map, see where the relative strengths of each team are, and anticipate useful actions?
    Nothing wrong with your team at all. Usual WG gameplay.

  12. Kept waiting for “Riders on the Storm” to start playing, at beginning.

  13. Don’t be silly Flambass its *YEAR OF THE CV* ofc the DD’s are scared!
    *DD playerbase has left the server*

  14. Several times during this game, u lost attention…to torps, or borderline….

  15. world of planes

  16. Face it, Flambass, you are a marked man. See Flambass, sink Flambass!

  17. Kaga is pushing an Amagi. Ships of a class unite.

  18. Flambass, someone said it before, but the Detailed Report screen tells you how many ships you damaged and how many sunk, so you don’e have to count them each time

  19. 9:17 Is that a diving hit? I was wondering if this game had that as a mechanic.

  20. Well someone else on your place there and the title of the vid would have been deadtago.

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