World of Warships – Farming campaign fires with Friesland

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Friesland is a premium tier 9 Pan EU DD and I love it. It is very powerful but it’s not for everyone.

It doesn’t have any torps so it takes getting used to BUT since this new campaign requires a lot of fires, what better way to do it than in a DD that only has guns.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. It’s like Flambass and Flamu have switched places. Flamu now actually makes videos exclusively for YT with relevant content and Flambass just recycles twitch vods…interesting.

  2. Owner Of All Deathly Hallows

    I have been having an audio bug where all the sound effects are deafend or silent. Consumables, Aircraft, gun fire, and terrain alarm are all screwed up

  3. Im getting the flooding sound effect whenever I accelerate.
    I can also hear When people with the Bionic space camos or the april fools space camos are on fire 20km away. Something is off.

  4. 10:46 [insert coffin dance meme here]

  5. what the recommended build for the Friesland now ?

  6. I had to turn down the whole game sound, because I could not make fires silent enough to still be able to think properly.

  7. I’d hate to be a gun loader on the Freisland, that would be like maximum effort

  8. Michael Søndergaard

    sadly its a mission for top tier ships? well i had good expereince getting fires in nurnberg t6.

  9. Is it just me or does trenlass seem to get better everytime I watch him when playing with Flambino?

  10. Hold up Flambass the Friesland is a dutch destroyer….

  11. i like how CV never attacked you. Wonder why.

  12. Monkey, Trenlass, and Flambino – join in a “Lyon” platoon. Would love to see you guys unleash volleys of 48 rounds!!!

  13. so it’s not just me having the sound issues. I was hell confused when everything was silent as hell.

  14. Anyone else watching this and actually more interested in watching Trenlass’s battle, sounds like he had a great game!

  15. Bigsmily2001 [aka King_Beaufort]

    I love the Friesland cuz it is my home country DD. I am sparing up for it…

  16. Sakurandal Channel

    There’s some kind of audio problem when you scope and fire the main guns and you can’t hear the sound of gunreloading

  17. You were having a lot more fun then then you do now because…. the game has gotten worse….a lot worse….middle and both ends of it….and WG don’t give a shit.

  18. Flambass, the main thing is that You have fun. Then everybody watching will have fun.

    Keep up the great work, love you channel!

  19. Just think Flambass, soon your name will be “SubToTrenlass” Muahhahahahahahaha, only kidding 😀

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