World of Warships – Farragut by Kajtajs

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by Kajtajs on Trident moves out to hunt for the enemy around the western side of the map. A couple enemies stay a little too long out in the open. Kajtajs moves to the center and attempts to stop the enemies advancement with muscle. The game comes down to a very tense engagement. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VI Farragut Replay


  1. Re visibility:
    My understanding is that visibility is defined (concerning islands) as a
    straight line from the tallest point of the ship.
    From that I would expect that the same rule applies for smoke as well.
    I do not have confirmation on this, so I might be wrong…

  2. I believe it is not the ship’s midpoint but the main mast or conning tower
    that has to cross the boundary for smoke cover or for capping. I may be
    wrong though.

  3. Eivin Christoffersen

    pleas gift a mail back when vi sent you a mail whit a replay so we no if
    you can use it or not i sent you a mail whit a replay too days ago but i
    dont no if i work on the right way

  4. None of the IJN carriers in the game right now were built off a cruiser
    hull. In fact, while the IJN did convert several ships to carriers (eg
    Akagi was an Amagi-class battlecruiser, Kaga a Tosa-class battleship) the
    only IJN carrier in World of Warships at the moment that was converted from
    another class is Zuihou, which started life as a submarine tender. The only
    one to start life as a cruiser was Ibuki, which was converted
    mid-construction to a light carrier but never completed.

    The US Independence-class carriers were built off cruiser hulls – they were
    originally Clevelands.

  5. Sweet! and Yamato or German BB line?! anyone? I have a Amagi, and could get
    the tear 9 anytime

  6. nice narratoringing.. erm.. commentationingism.. erm.. you know what I mean
    ; p

  7. Love your video’s Notser. Just on your pronunciation: Kiev [ Key ‘Eev]
    Mutsuki [Mutt Sue Key]
    Aside form that all good :)

  8. Clemson pls


  10. Is there a reason that the detonation flag is 100% effective? I could see
    if it make a players ship more resistant vs complete protection. The battle
    between the HMS Hood and Bismarck comes to mind. Designers go to so much
    trouble of modeling the ships to historical standards, yet remove a major
    risk in warship design. Its seems to unbalance a ship that was built better
    vs a ship that had less protection for speed or firepower.

  11. Not the greatest DD replay, I would say it is a prime example of why not to
    run AFT on USN DDs. He nearly donked that drop on the Cleveland, that close
    it always pays to hold your 2nd set back just in case the other player
    activates the WSAD hack. Oh and his lead on shots was painful to watch!

  12. Cyber Cyclist (Yugumo 夕雲)

    5:08 poor Aoba. Your fire could light up the surface of the sea. ; ^ ;

  13. is replay available even if the sever regions are different??

  14. Oh come on enough with the detonation. It happens really really seldom and
    you get flags to prevent it every time it happens. The outcome of every
    single salvo fired by BBs are determined by RNG, doesn’t really matter how
    capable the player is of aiming. But one single DD dies to RNG every 100
    games, everybody loses their minds. Get on with it.

    Think of it as this, what if 4 out of 5 torps fired by DDs turned out to be
    duds? That’s what BBs live through every single time they fire a salvo.

  15. some isp’s will strip the attachments if the files are too large. might be
    part of the reason.

  16. I realize these vids are of decent players going against total idiots

  17. Hey Notser,you’re from Poland, aren’t you ? These battle screens seem
    pretty Polish. Am I right or were these screens just screenshots from the
    player who is from Poland ?

  18. As always, enjoy your video posts and commentary.

  19. yet again another great vid,keep up the good work

  20. Hey Notser ! can you do a vid for Nagato? havent seen a replay of her in a

  21. i didnt even know a Destroyer could get detonated

  22. stupid question, is there a way to get the replys from the game or do you
    need a third party program?

  23. I just hate the firing arch of the American Destroyers… I moved to the
    soviet line

  24. My college started today !!

  25. Using hydro and still got hit WOw

  26. How can you get a large replay file over email? I can’t ever send anything
    over 100mb

  27. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Indeed the IJN CVs used a similar hull as the CA but only whith the 1st 1s.
    For example the Akagi is the Hull of her sister Amagi

  28. how do you turn on the team panel?

  29. nicholas plz e.e

  30. Worst achievement ever..

  31. Panzerkampfwagen Focke-Wulf

    Pardon me saying it Notser, but DAMN THE TORPEDOES AND FULL SPEED

  32. Loser replay of the week. But gangsta ass play regardless of outcome

  33. My name is Kajtajs aka Moris 🙂 and your pronunciation is great Notser. TY
    for choosing my video

  34. I sent in a Hiryu replay straight from the folder were you able to view it
    because I’m not sure if I did it right.

  35. Lord Sylph (Darth)

    2:11 the fact the Nurnberg detected him, and STILL ate all those torps is
    kinda sad, xD

  36. Personally I’d not go for ATF on US destroyers…its a pain already to hit
    anything beyond 10 that does some speed.

    I can of course not argue with success here. Well played.

  37. He’s starting to sound like a mix of jingles and galadon

  38. Notser, I very much like the way you comment. I watched 100 vids by you.
    You never swear ordinary, you never laugh about others. You are so
    positive! The improvement of your comments of your first vids is absolutely
    stunning! Thaaaaanks!

  39. I’ll be honest, Kajtajs doesn’t play this as well as…it could have been.
    Lots of damage wasted by not adjusting his aim until the fifteeethmillionth
    salvo. In addition, there are a few positioning errors and places he chose
    to use his guns (and sometimes not….)

  40. Why on earth would you use AFT on a USN DD? You won’t hit anything further
    than 12-13km.

  41. So you need to pull a notser to get in a video? ;)

  42. Oh hey! That was me in the Kiev lol… Really shouldnt have gotten so
    salty… Least i apologised to my team before i rage quit :P

  43. The worst detonation I have ever seen was a Yamato that I had fired my
    torps at, She got hit by one and lost 75K health..

  44. Jean-Luc Desroches

    It is more than mid point, about 25% out and you can be spotted, always
    best to keep your whole ship in there

  45. I think you may be incorrect on the smoke/smoke ring. Otherwise smoke would
    be pretty much useless as your ship is almost never centered within smoke

  46. how the Cleveland died to a CV, what is he doing

  47. What’s everyone worst ship

  48. lol i died to detonation 7 times in a row xD

  49. Brendyn Bartos (MrEndeavour)

    Favorite USN destroyer?

  50. That nurnberg is dumb. Hydro lets you see the torps further, how could you
    not have dodged that?

  51. Husky The Dinosaur

    I’ve been detonated at full health

  52. Hey Notser, I just started watching your videos and love your commentary
    and opinions on WoWs. Please keep up the videos. Quality is great. Thanks


  53. Now I am just waiting for the upload everyday to watch Notser’s videos. lol

  54. really need to try and learn how to play dd’s right :)

  55. Yeah. I am on the brink on getting the Farragut for myself.

  56. 1.

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