World of Warships – Farragut Tier 6 USN Destroyer Overview

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49-2 with this ship and counting…I seriously love the damn thing.

Streaming today at 3pm EST for a bit before going to see Batman vs Superman.


  1. Good to see some DD gameplay! Just met you in a game earlier this morning,
    you were in a Nicholas and I was in a Kongo. Sadly we lost that one but I
    saw you did very well

  2. I have said it before but let me be more precise. For history lessons and
    general basic info, iChase is my WOWs ‘Jingles’. For deep insight, skill
    and tactics Business6 is my ‘Quicky Baby’. Quite simply the best out there
    to learn from and study. Also both are gentlemen of high intelligence and
    integrity. There I Said it. *Quicky Business!*

  3. You have your stream just finished when I was there ! Good video. Jeep

  4. Good video about the Farragut. I just fight with the aiming as on all ships
    with high arcs. I have problems to aim with all ships, but with high arcs
    it gets desastrous. With the Cleveland I have a hit rate between 3-15% and
    thats nothing.
    Perhaps I will never learn it. Stuck at Tier 5 and 6 for the end of my

  5. Zhou Siyu (Gilgamesh)

    i just got my Khabarovsk yesterday and also finish grinding on farragut the
    day before with over 2.1k avg exp, it is really just a blast playing gun
    boat like the us dd and Russian dd

  6. Zhou Siyu (Gilgamesh)

    i agree business gun boat is so much more fun than torp boat like IJN dds

  7. just got my Farragut recently and it is pretty fun experience to use the
    ship. I do use HE to annoy BBs from far and the cruisers not paying
    attentions on me. The effectiveness of AP is something that out of my

  8. Love me my Farragut and Anshan!

  9. hey business ! nice vid as always. what do you think about the Russian
    cruisers ?? personally I won’t be playing them at all because I’ll feel
    guilty using them XD

  10. I chose RU DDs over ‘merican. Always detected, always harassing. Love my
    Kiev/Tash for the same reasons you explain here.

  11. HhhWhat?! I specifically learned from another youtuber (rhymes with
    shingles) that there was no arming time associated with ship launched
    torps. Will have to watch that first exchange on the big screen… Awesome
    game play, btw, teach me how to aim, lol.

  12. Great video that illustrates the capabilities of the Farragut. Great game
    play, also.

  13. I love the Farragut also.

  14. if you enjoy gun boats… RU dds are seriously fun and seemingly less
    annoying than US dd with their rainbow arcs.

    I kind of understand what you mean by how gun boat DDs kinda brings life
    back into the game. I played a ton of BB before but the dispersion is one
    of those things that no matter how good you get you still have to deal
    with. Gun boat DDs feel like they let you have more control of what you can
    expect in a battle.

  15. i totally agree with you! my mahan has a 2k avg base exp and ive played 100
    battles XD

  16. How do you think the German destroyers fitted with 6in (5.9in to be exact)
    guns will work in game? Awesome video by the way! Keep up the great work!

  17. Stannis Baratheon

    wow… nice gameplay style!

  18. Good video as usual! I found Farragut is a strong and more importantly fun
    ship to play, which is lacking in Jap dds tier 5 up. Mahan and Benson are
    just good improvement over it however you do meet tougher enemies.

    I don’t use EXP flag when I play the USN dd line, that is how much I enjoy
    playing these ships.

  19. very eye opening and I’ve played a zillion DD match’s

  20. Always nice to see you play this game as it should be played!
    You are very good.

  21. How do I make the same

  22. How do I find the cursor please

  23. love the vids, wish I was a good DD player like you. it seems that USN
    DD’s should focus more on guns than torps

  24. why are your bullets purple?

  25. I do love to go on those point blank rush torp runs in my US and RU DDs,
    but I usually only dare it against BBs, you have some serious balls to do
    that vs CAs, and CAs with torps at that.

  26. sup business I’m going to be the first to have that new 10 tier Russian
    Cruiser 600 thousand free EXP is 30 million credits to boot for that
    awesome new ship

  27. Oh, Russian cruisers are today. There’s that.

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