World of Warships – Farragut Two Brothers Fight For A

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Farragut on Two Brothers pushes the western flank with my good friend, Poimane. We encounter multiple enemy ships that are trying to push the flank. I attempt to engage the enemy destroyers, we also get stuck in against some enemy cruisers and battleships. The fighting is interesting and one by one we get the enemy ships. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VI American Destroyer Farragut Replay


  1. Jonas Drøjdahl

    Seems to me that Piomane offered you up that Mutsuki, by playing bait. It
    looked like he fired his guns, getting the enemy Mutsuki to fire his at the
    tasty low HP target so you could kill him instead. If that was his
    motivation, then mad props to him. :D

  2. Manged to finish Mutsuki, first thing I did, after buying the Hatsu?
    Selling the Mutsuki and send her to the scrap yard!

  3. Huh, kinda weird, the Mutsuki was the last I enjoyed, after that.. the
    Hatsuharu. Which I hate, passionately, I’m fresh in need of credits to buy
    the Fubuki, the grind is over!

  4. give this man his internet back!

  5. Got past the mutsuki a few days ago, only to be greeted by cancer repair
    cost of the hatsuharu. Totally looking forward to tier 8 repair cost,
    totally :(

  6. At 3:55, I think you took two overpen BB AP shells, from the New Mexico or
    Texas perhaps, given that the Colorados guns were aimed elsewhere. I find
    it interesting how many people dislike the Mutsuki. I really like it, and
    did not like the Farragut. But that was long ago. If there have been buffs,
    this ship is worth another look. Also, if you get a moment, maybe post the
    modules when you can. Thank you for sharing this video today “against all

  7. So Do I . Keep them coming.

  8. I hated the Mut because it punishes aggression and promotes the ‘never use
    your guns’ mentality. As primarily a US dd player I found her nearly
    unbearable to grind.

  9. Brian Lock (神通)

    Nosty op, stop torpedo with mind power!!!

  10. Brian Lock (神通)

    In English, they refer ship as she…..

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  12. marco aurélio silva da rosa

    Please Notser bring the Zao!!! Nice vídeo by the way!!

  13. I hope to see you back soon !

  14. This was a demonstration in seemingly perfect aim.

  15. The Farragut was a mediocre destroyer when I ground through it, but it’s
    pretty much taken the spot that the Nicholas used to occupy as the
    destroyer with the shortest distance between detection and torpedo range,
    which coupled with the speed of those 6.5 km torps means that it can do hit
    and run assassinations like the Nicholas used to be able to do with its
    original speedy torps.

  16. Very interresting vidéo. Would you tell me how to use the white arrow when
    you target your torpedoes ? Thanks

  17. Oh man, I’m gotta withdrawal without my daily Notser video!
    Hope everything works out for you! And thanks for getting this up :)

  18. So did your internet run into a island and get beached?

  19. I was about 2/3rds the way thru the Farr when it got buffed, was not a huge
    fan of it. So far it has been my least fav of the USN DD’s since the Nic at
    tier 5. I recently got the Fletcher which is still stock but liking it so


  21. I remember on your video in which you reviewed 0.5.6 you mentioned that you
    didn’t like the extra rings in the mini map because it was just too much
    information. I’m glad you now seem to like them. For me, it’s nice to know
    when I can fire and still not be seen. You’re right, though, in that if you
    turn on too many rings, it’s info overload.

    BTW, you are definitely a great destroyer captain. This video was really
    fun to watch!!

  22. Hey +Notser will you ever play on the european servers so we get a chance
    to meet you too ? and btw. don’t forget you’re awesome and have a nice day.

  23. Notser, and really anyone else who wants stats, there are 3 REALLY good
    resources, I don’t have the exact URL on hand but if you simply search
    these three things in Google the first result will be the right one:

    WoWS Stats and Numbers (NA, EU, RU)

    World of Warships GameModels3D *note this site has a LOT OF data, but is
    restricted in some ways unless you pay to join, however all information for
    all ships of tier 6 and lower is available for free! To join costs like $3
    US and is a one time payment.

    World of Warships Wiki

  24. Jeez I’ve been watching for 6 minutes not actually thinking much about what
    you said at the top of the episode. This isn’t a complaint nor a harsh
    criticism, but, you didn’t have a set of cards already done up for each
    ship with transparent backgrounds … ? As in, you make those
    splash-statistics screens new, every time? Granted — with ongoing patches
    and development of a game like this, those cards will have to change
    frequently. Yet another casualty of the switch-over from the old ways to
    the new. The old ways would have printed all the ship stats into a
    hard-copy manual that you could refer to, offline. ;)

  25. Alessandro Filippi

    +Notser You mean you do not have a smartphone with 3G? If your broadband
    fails you are disconnected from the rest of the world?! Really?

  26. Yup, I just finished grinding the Mutsuki and what a turd…. it is such a
    downgrade compared to the Isokaze, never mind the Minekaze. The speed is
    slightly better (compared to Isokaze), but the guns are the same and the
    torpedoes are much, MUCH worse. In fact, I found more use from the guns
    than the torps.

    Hatsuharu does at least have slightly better guns.

  27. Poi!

  28. Yarrrr! 🙂 Very good game.

  29. Richard Heijden

    Ow how much I hate playing us dd’s. It’s a miracle I made it to tr7.

  30. Is this a Farragut? I couldn’t tell.

  31. I use my fuzzygut as a complete gunboat and I do tons of damage, and only
    recently I found out that the AP is so god damn powerful on those
    broadsided ships, multiplied my EXP/creds so fast now. I only use the torps
    if by some chance an enemy gets too close otherwise i don’t look for an
    opportunity to use them.

  32. Hey Notser what do you use to record your gameplay??

  33. I managed to get 167 thousand damage in the farragut the other day…it was
    an insane game; but a heartbreak 🙁 Damn New York’s who stay on full health
    the entire game…!

  34. I don’t understand the hate for the mutsuki it isn’t that bad…can someone
    explain all this hate for her?(I’m currently playing her atm)

  35. Did you upload this through your phone? XD ALL THE DATA USAGE

  36. great video as always, keep up the great work Notser

  37. Hope you get a few bucks lol…. I just sat thru 1:45 secs of an ad to help
    with your revenue lol…. keep it up!

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