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Tirpitz is a German tier 8 premium BB that probably doesn’t need any introduction. However, the longer the game goes, the more powercrept it gets. I needed a lot of secondary hits for 1 of the missions and Tirp was my ship of choice. This ship is fast, efficient in pushing and very effective at killing targets that get close.

Guns can be very trolly and in today’s WoWS it’s not as easy to deal with your opponents as it used to be but it can still get the job done.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. my first premium ship and still one of the best.

  2. so when is Flambass quiting CC programme? It is inevitable now, is it?

  3. Looking forward to when subs and carriers get armed with over the horizon anti-ship missiles.

    • That will be great, WG would insist it means more fun.

    • @Kris Donai Well if you actually looked at the spreadsheet, you’d know you were having fun 🙄

    • @xTod989 If the games were actually fun instead of bullshit we’d know we are having fun.

    • HS 293 and Fritz-X guided missiles and bombs missing for Tier 10 Premium CVs. And a lot of brain in the p(l)ayerbase. Unplayable currently, stopped it therefore after nearly 4 Years. 60% solo Winrate by the way.

  4. Square Enix has their FF14 employees pay for a subscription for their own game out of their own money. Thus its in their best interest to make the game good. Maybe wargaming could take a few hints

  5. The Blitzkrieg would be proud.

  6. I got this in my last 2018 free black friday crate from daily shipments. Cant imagine how lucky i was. free crates now are filled with more RNG than Covid19 virus

  7. Wargaming needs to do something like Eve Online’s Council of Stellar Management (CSM). This is made up of a bunch of players who have been elected to the council by the player base. The CSM then meets with the developers to give feedback, pass on ideas and help the game evolve. Eve is a play to pay game, so needs to keep it’s player base as well as attract new players to keep it going. That it has been able to do so for some 17 years now is testament that they must be doing something right. Wargaming could worse than to implement something similar, if they’d actually be prepared to listen.

    • Csm doesnt really do anything useful. Many many negative changes have been passed through csm and ccp does not listen to to advice and puts them in the game anyways. Also eve is not pay to play, it is very similar to Wows and wot where you have a normal f2p account and you can pay monthly for a premium account

    • @89jiBestGirl The Alpha player (f2p) account is a relatively recent addition. Unlike WoW, the f2p experience in Eve doesn’t give you access to the full game. I think it was introduced by CCP to act more like an extended trial to see if you enjoy the game enough to pay for it. Certainly you can continue to play it for free, but you miss out on a lot of what the game has to offer if you do.

    • I mean that’s kind of the idea of the Community Contributor program Wargaming has. Unfortunately the members are not elected and a fair amount do the “Well the playerbase is right BUT” crap. On top of this WG barely listens to them anymore where has resulted in more than one quitting the program.

    • With Warthunder increasing it’s roster of ships, I don’t think we’ll see a player base nearly as dedicated as Eve’s

    • Timothy Marchant

      Plus Eve’s CSM was prone to voting blocs so the CSM could be effectively stacked with folk from a large in game alliance or coalition.

      It was arguably better than the top down approach that WG uses but it isn’t without its own issues.

  8. This is just like most of the games i had recently. Except that i am on the opposite team lol!

  9. You also gotta think they are a company at the end of the day and the people at the very top just want more money so they probably just issue the order of get more people into the game and spending money which means the ideas they come up with usually are to get the most amount of players in not whether its balanced or good for the longevity of the game

    • Or how about the guy that makes the decision DO play the game, and play it a lot. The problem is, he’s is a whale, and want broken ships so he can go whaling with it. You see monkey, change him to Russian and Putinize him, then you got the guy I’m talking about 🤣🤣

    • I have no issue with that in the slightest, but I have a very big issue with a management that decides in all cases to maximize profit now at the expense of profit and long term sustainability later.

      It is dead obvious that WG made the conscious choice years ago to try and drag in cashed up, short attention span teens at the expense of long term players – their whole business model is built around sucking cash from players with the latest shiny new OP toy of the week before they nerf it and start the round all over again. I used to play WOT years ago back when they would boast about how “realistic” it was, now they don’t even bother – it’s all just eye candy, cool ass sound effects and explosions and yet an other OP Soviet/Russian paper bullshit fantasy ship.

      Hard pass from me.

    • @Rags Almighty absolutely! the sad thing is, it used to be different. aside from dropping 10 bucks a month for premium time to stay in the game (which could be justified by server costs and the likes) there were very few bullships. Belfast maybe. Premiums were more balanced and the OP grind cycle for new lines was not as punishing…
      But that was a LONG time ago

  10. Used my Tirpitz for the Odin secondary mission, you forget how much fun she is to play. Last one I played yesterday was balls deep, secondary spamming, torp laden brawling. Loved it.

  11. Ah, Hans driving the big german DD Tirpitz again! 😉

  12. To be real, top man in company does not have time to play game all the time. He needs INPUT from game testers so he can make informed decision. Teamwork.

  13. You hit the nail on the head as far as decision making and implementation of new whatever in the game man you hit it right on the head.
    They don’t play their own game or like you said the right people…….i.e. the decision makers don’t play their own game

  14. Was that a limp bizkit reference? Fred Durst is spinning in his grave.

  15. That face Flambino makes when he gets yolo rushed by a dd with no torps up. lul

  16. I almost never lost a torpedo launcher and now I never finish a game with them still intact. It’s like they took away all their HP and made them take double damage whenever you get hit. Ive had a single volley hit me and completely destroy both launchers at the same time.

  17. Second premium and still one of the best ships to play imo

  18. william escolante jr

    this game has gotten about as broken/rigged whatever you want to call it as thier tank counterpart anymore

  19. Its my imagination or Tirpitz is superior than the bismarck in every single way?

  20. Love how an entire flank was running AWAY from a single ship

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