World of warships – Fastest match ever?

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  1. Better than my sexual performances!


  2. not enough angle _/_ to hit the citadel, maybe?

  3. If you hadn’t died the game still would have been over 32 seconds later.

  4. I guess the enemy team just wanted to throw the match as fast as possible

  5. MM in one match gave me absolute imbecile team that could rival your “best random team ive ever had” series and in one side gave me a team that just end the match in less than 5 mins

    Good ol MM -__-

    • Apparently it is too complicated to spread the noobs equally on both teams. Or not wanted.
      Maybe in 2020, year of the matchmaker..

  6. You cant citadel hindenburg at close range even with BBs, it has turtle back.

    • Ivan Buncic Yep, it’s the same with hipper, even though it is far the tankyness of hinden. Hence why the high tier German ca:s excell at rushing and torping the shit out of unweary bb:s. And angled Hipper at close range can be quite tricky to citadel with 410:s even.

    • DM can, funnily enough, reliably citadel Hipper, Roon and Hindenburg. Just dont shoot at the waterline, but directly below the lower row of bull’s eyes. If I have to guess the better autobounce angles of the DM are responsible for that behavior. Hindenburgs Turtleback has a much steeper angle than the turtleback of the German BBs.

    • shot their suprestructure and grind those 7 or 8 k per salvo

    • moskva can because their accurate fast shell from 10km its a secure citadel against germans

    • Jonatan L you will only get 7-8 k in the beginning. As soon as the superstructure is saturated, you only deal half of that

  7. so absurd
    6 sec. to 35 knots!
    stop in under 3sec. !
    fastest accelerations & brakes op ship in this game !
    Thanks wg for killing this game even more and more !

    • not quiet the exact numbers, but yes, best crusier in terms of mobility

    • Actually, Minotaur has a 33.5 knot top speed, so Zao, Moskva and Henri IV are still faster.

    • noobtotale Especially the goddam Henry

    • IMO Henri is balanced, because if you give her any team play perks, she’d outcompete other CA’s.

    • People talk again without looking at all the specs. Mino is a living citadel from almost all angles, ann angle from a BB from 2km to 23km.
      He cannot start a fire, he need support for spotting because he need that smoke to do consistent damage to enemies at mid/short range with smoke.
      I seen number of Mino players being two shoted from a DM.

      I play Mino and I think I am pretty decent about it. So I can affirm that you know nothing about the UK cruiser’s line and that you shouldn’t talk about the balance and blaming WG. It’s player like you that killing the game more and more.

  8. Why did the game end that early? There was enough time on the clock and 400 points missing.

  9. Hipper has turtleback

  10. Scarface, WoWS edition

  11. blaaaappppppp

  12. “well, that escalated quickly”

  13. well hipper has turtleback, and minotaur has only 6 inchers… VERY hard to do cits

  14. Hipper has cruiser turtleback. Even as a BB you can’t citadel it from close ranges. Only from long ranges with plunging fire…

    • Dhotekar Aman it is 203 mm shels, those are 150mm that is first fact, second fact this hipper was at the begining slighty angled and third fact the bigest one, Hipper in which you where, has guns on higher point than minotaurs so when you come closer u actualy plunge to the “TURTLEBACK”

    • He did get his facts straight… mostly. High tier german cruisers are very hard to citadel at ranges between 4-7km because of the turtleback, even for some battleships. Doesn’t mean it’s impossible to hit it (just like it isn’t impossible for a Minotaur to citadel a Montana from 10km range), it’s just very hard because you either need to be close enough that your penetration is enough to break through the angled area of the turtleback and go straight into the citadel (the case for ships like russian and german cruisers) or have shell arcs high enough that, at the normal effective range of the turtleback, the shells would go through and hit the internal area of the turtleback at a flat angle and hit the citadel (the case for ships like Des Moines). The case in this video is that although the arcs of the Minotaur are high enough to work the same way as a DM would, the lower caliber combined with the shorter fuse of the shells made so that the shells detonated before reaching the citadel.

    • so that means a BB can also do this cause they have also higher point guns…. “Even as a BB can’t citadel it” I read your this comment..thats why I replied..okay ty

    • first that is not my statement… second I think that was sarcasm from comment starter… third i am glad that we understand each other, have nice day 😉

    • ohhhh sorry i didn’t look at the name… i thought i am discussing this with him (robby206) lmao.. have a great day to you to sir

  15. Citadel on a 4km hipper? No! Smoke after killed hipper? No, because a Neptun was right next to you.. Just cry more for Yolo in..
    BTW in German we say LISPELN.. Mister Papieren

  16. Well, that was a rollercoaster of emotions.

  17. Wow that was quick 😀

  18. Just wondering why you didn’t torp… I’m guessing you wanted the citadels which is fair enough.

    • I expected him to die a lot faster + didn’t want to turn too much broadside so I don’t get citadeled myself

  19. I do think the BOOM in your description fits the video rather well… fast and loud BOOM, now, wasn’t it? 😀

  20. Maciej Rosloniec

    No citadels ? Learn to aim noob:)
    Just subbed, still to catch a stream, Hans for president and all that.

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