World of Warships- FDG Buff

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Today I take the FDG out to see just how much the buff has changed it!

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  1. I guess now’s the time to continue the German battleship line after stopping at the Bismarck for over a year.

  2. i have 16points commander on my iowa and i got that commander from n.c when it was 0 point commonder piece ?

  3. Ya I have been having fun with her since the buff…The 406 with a 24 sec reload is sweet as hell.

  4. la suerte de tener enemigos tontos y mancos que no te disparan o miran para otro lado jejeejeej

  5. mas haya de eso ese bb no cambio nada

  6. Ranari's Brawling Channel

    I’ve been having a lot of fun with her, too. Definitely feels a lot stronger thanks to the buffs, and much more enjoyable to play. Going to post a video on my channel too about her soon. Great video man!

  7. Love her now! I tanked two yamoto and an a moe the other day ? they all dies once my team flank them

  8. You need to get rid of that fighter plane for the spotter, and ditch the 420’s they don’t offer any mathematical overmatch that the 406 can’t already do.

  9. Evangeline Anovilis

    The buffs to FdG were a reload buff on main battery and a penetration buff on the 10.5 cm secondary guns. Their HE pen is now 25 mm (1/4 pen goes to 26, so it pens up to 25). This buff is specific to FdG and does not affect any other ship armed with 10.5 cm guns.

    Strictly speaking, yes, the 15 cm guns got buffed from 36 to 37 mm. But that’s a meaningless buff, as there is no such plating to pen. The AP to HE change did not affect anything German higher than Bayern.

    Imo, buffs didn’t address any of the points that really made this ship frustrating, except the secondaries, which now can pen stuff and with IFHE can pen BBs.

  10. FDG is one turd ya just can’t polish.

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