World of Warships- FDR Is Absolutely Ridiculous

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Hey guys, today I have a round that pretty much speaks for itself and highlights a good chunk of the issues that many players have with surface ships vs planes. It also does a good job of showing just how nuts FDR is.

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Yep, was just in a battle, 2 GK’s, 1 DM and 1 Halland giving covering AA to each other, the FDR didn’t care, took just under 10 mins to kill us all…….

  2. In case people are wondering how come the FDR is OP since Wargaming only makes russian ships OP, the explanation is that FDR was a very pro-soviet union president.

    • @Stephan Makintaya As part of Lend Lease, FDR went far and beyond the pretext of war alliances prioritising USSR interests over the American people. The Battle of Singapore was lost in part because FDR chose to send aid to the USSR rather than help Churchill. I think it was either Gorbachev or Khrushchev that said that the only reason the USSR managed to reach Berlin (and in the process of doing so plunder Eastern Europe and shackle it under communism for almost half a century) was because of Lend Lease.

      It is unclear to me how much longer the war with Germany would have lasted had the USSR not provided as much resistance. But it’s just as unclear to me if the trade was worth it, considering the crimes of the USSR following the war as well as the suffering they forced upon Eastern Europe. But what is clear to me is that, as i said, FDR went beyond what was needed to support the USSR in its war effort. Also, let’s not forget that Germany and USSR were good friends. Not only did they start WW2 together and had plans to also finish it together (the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact), but Germany was on such good terms with the USSR in 1940 that they were selling military assets to them (the cruiser Petropavlovsk is a good example, which also features in WoW, which was called Lutzow when it previously belonged to the Kriegsmarine). So i don’t see much reason for FDR’s excess of zeal towards the USSR.

    • @Cristi Neagu How about Thunderer?

    • @Cristi Neagu ha ha!

  3. FDR: taste of FREEDOM

  4. “Just dodge” “Don’t go alone” “Stick to ships with good AA” “Git gud”

    Tell me again, how do I dodge being spotted? What’s the unicum move to not get spotted by CV rocket planes speeding through 8-9 ship’s AA bubble to spot the whole team? Stick to a ship with good AA, so i should park my DD next to CV? Yeah, I liked CVs before the rework and always defended them, even if they were cancerous. Now, not anymore. CVs are unbalanced, and the only defense against them was removed

    RIP my North Carolina: 12km concealment, 100+ AA rating

    • The idea of having 2 american does and a Japanese dd seems to work becuase they are together

    • @Yellow Dude they are Kidds, which are rather unique when talking about CV interaction. Also you are referring to AKK, which is a counter to CV, but it is cancerous for tge game, doesn’t help the team, sacrifices DDs spotting and capping abilities for a chance to nail the CV. The exception reinforces the rule

    • Imagine playing WoWs and can’t understand sarcasm

  5. FDR and MVR were released to concentrate the CV hate on two ships lmao I never felt so powercreeped when i fight a MVR or FDR on my Hakuryu

    • How broken is this ship, when a HAKURYU player complains. Man! IMAGINE HOW WE FEEL?!?!?

    • @Trigo Marcos Haku doesn’t feel the same since reticle change and APDBs are still potent but isn’t as Reliable as the HEDB of FDR and Haku Planes can actually be shot down unlike the flying cruisers that is FDR’s squads. You are just completely inferior to it because your planes are paper, you rely on RNG, and you have lesser spotting because your squads melt in the passive AA of a DM with DFAA or a Halland unlike the FDR squads that can fly through the enemy team, strike a BB, fly out of AA range, and strike again

    • @Trigo Marcos and i know exactly how it feels as surface ships i play DDs just as much as i do CVs and i get blapped back to port by the DBs

    • @derek96720 meh, Midway is still the best solo tier 10 CV out there

    • @Danhvn knowing how beastly Lexington is at T8 i can’t wait to see how Midway plays

  6. Me: sees title
    What else is new??

  7. FDR is the trigger happy executioner

  8. current AA system is already handicapped on shoot down normal planes
    then WG release those sky fortress

  9. Had my faire share of fdr the other day. Lost a full hp bismarck without firing a shot.

  10. “You can’t make a mistake against the FDR, you can’t leave your team against the FDR.” Bruh, you can play a perfect match against an FDR and you’ll still get absolutely smashed by the FDR.

  11. Stopped playing WoT and WoW. The frustration is just too high for something that is supposed to be “fun”.

  12. FDR is great when you’re in a tier 8 cruiser and in chat before the game starts he ask you how you like your ship and spends all his time killing you. ie 4 minutes.

  13. FDR is all the cancer that was accumulated all this years that cvs have been overpowered.

  14. Spreadsheet said there was nothing wrong with that match.

  15. Hence why we asked on Friday’s livestream, “what is AA?” WE KNOW what it stands for. I was in a Kremlin untouched by HE spam. 58k plane damage. 6 downed.

  16. @Justin Chen So, American police?

  17. The only historically accurate part of this game left is how op CV’s are lol

  18. You much not watch him much to say that and think it’s cheeky. He talks a lot about how the ranges are too great in the game

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