World of Warships || Feeding the Duck

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The duck won’t feed itself.




  1. I am a patient person. And this is worth waiting for.

  2. More quality content from Mr. Sharon

  3. Good vid

  4. Quin USS Requin

    I thought we were feeling feels. Turns out it was a meme all along!

  5. A random person

    Worth the wait 😀

  6. Sharon, you are liiterally the reason why I still play wows. watching your videos always reminds me how much fun the game can be. keep doing the amazing things you do my friend.

  7. That eurobeat always gets me excited


  9. You’re a god Sharon, but a god who forgot to put Yamamoto on Akizuki.

  10. Darnath Lysander

    Can’t wait for your MLG montage about the Worcester and Haragumo. The memes are going to be on point.

  11. CaptianCosmic13

    One naughty French boi

  12. Thanks for embarrassing me in the library now.
    Guess what goes around comes back biting you in the ass REEEE
    All seriousness though, I see you took some of my suggestions for audio clips. ?

  13. Don’t bully the Ducky-chan- oh no, she’s gone mad!

  14. Just for the record, I expect a truly cringe-tastic machine gun Worcester video in the near future. 😀

  15. 0:00 “Shoukaku-san… Taihou-san… are you okay? … huh… alright… the fleet is… al… right…”

  16. Nathan Hartanto


  17. Not bad, but meme-o-taur still the best

  18. ‘IJN DDs aren’t gunboats’
    Me, an intellectual:

  19. Why are we still here?
    Just to suffer?

    Every night…
    I can feel my rudder…
    And my turrets…
    Even my barrels…

    The parts I’ve lost…
    The Seamen I’ve lost…
    Won’t stop sinking…
    It’s like they’re all still there…

    You feel it too, don’t you?
    I’m going to make them give back our battles.

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