World of Warships – Feels like justice

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Each class gets its own counters bullies, it’s just the way it is. Recently one could argue that there is 1 class which doesn’t countered at all. Well let’s see how it counters guns torps xD
Enjoy have fun watching 😉


  1. Perfect timing was just having my breakfast! O7 Flambass!

  2. Just what I need while having my breakfast, Flambass and plenty of of Daka Daka Daka Daka.

  3. Just Dodge! … oh he did. 😛

  4. “To outpotato”
    i lol’d

  5. the great book of grudges

    what ship his talking about?

  6. Harugumo video to keep my awake on an overnight shift? I think yes

  7. I start the video: I see Flamba is in a Haru. Then i think: Oh what is he going to do now? But i also think: At least he is not using the Slava, you know.

  8. The counter is… hoping he’s bad?

    -Jingles 2019

    Well, good for you. He was bad.

  9. David Chrysostom

    New content every damn day it seems. Thanks for all the work you do for the community, love it!

  10. You play boat uss motana vs ljn yamato 😉

  11. this ship is just wrong

  12. ‘he peppa smoked i got him!’ lmfao

  13. Meatballs for life

    smolensk and colbert might have a lot of guns and a lot of dakka, but there will never be any replacement for the original floating machine gun, harugumo is still and always will be king of bullying people from smoke screens. it’s like the kv-2 in world of tanks, yeah there might now be derp guns capable of competing, but it will never be better than the brilliance of the original.

  14. Yes Colbert is cancer and all, but Flambass, Colbert actually exist and it is not designed by WG.

  15. I love the beat of those guns 🙂

  16. I would like to see a game in the Khabarovsk with CV´s and so on it feels under powered compared to the competition hell even the Tashkent is better than the khaba

  17. You are lucky the Daring panicked

  18. I do that scrubery with smoke all the time when I play Royal Navy cruisers, smoke is shorter and ships have a lot more inertia than I am used to 🙁

  19. I was struggling to find something to Fap too tonight… and then i saw that Midway die!… Thanks Flambass 🙂

  20. so many hours of entertainment – *thank you buddy* ???

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