World of Warships: Felix Schultz – No Resistance

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Felix Schultz is fun! The AP is really good. In a match where you take care of their DD early, it feels awesome.

0:00 Felix Schultz Match
8:26 End Screen
9:23 Captain Skills & Upgrades
10:29 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 German destroyer Felix Schultz.


  1. Hi Aerroon are you going to make a video in the new submarine test event?

  2. Good Job

  3. Gezzuz… Another red team, uh? GG man!

  4. That is the worst mode in the game.

  5. Hi Aerroon, just asking for which commander voice over that was? Interesting replay by the way, the Felix Shultz does interest me to a degree, the Z-31 and Maerker seem uninteresting however.

  6. I really wish I could’ve gotten one of those DDs in the testing , cuz I’m still stuck at the Gaede from the main line lul

  7. The ULTRA-light Cruiser line. It’s nice addition to the game that is not getting the attention it needs so far.

  8. I can see this ship getting abused by teams for not scouting/capping. It really seems to need to be left alone to solo farm

  9. Roflstomps aren’t great matches, and even worse to watch.

  10. How long will that accuracy last? Until sales drop below 50%? Then they nerf!

  11. Hi aerron, how you make that voice over? Are you using mod Al? How to install it?

  12. What’s fire chance of that he?

  13. I think your BBs didnt want to push that early because they didnt know if you were gonna yolo and die or not. I mean, look at what happened to the vladi cause the yugumo spedrun going back to port

  14. poor man cruiser

  15. NO CV ….sorry thumbs down

  16. So let me get this straight: If you are in the perfect situation for this thing, you can do about as much damage as a kitakaze. But you get worse torps, worse concealment, worse smoke. When would you think: “Yes, for this situation I am happy to take the Schultz over the Kitakaze.”? Or the ZF-6?

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