World of Warships Fen Yang Tier 8 Pan Asian Premium Destroyer Review

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Today we are reviewing the World of Warships Tier 8 Pan Asian Premium Destroyer Fen Yang. This DD has an impressive amount consumables that make it a threat to most ships in the game. In addition, it has deep water torps that are only good against BBs and CVs. The guns are capable with good arcs. Just a quick caveat, the first round you see was using IFHE. The Second was not. IFHE does make a difference from my experience. The only major downside is the Fen Yang isn’t the most maneuverable, but it doesn’t hinder this powerhouse that much. At tier 8, the Fen Yang is an excellent addition to WoWS and can be found in the premium shop for doubloons.


  1. Zoup.. you sound like a TV sales channel guy….. ”and that aint all, it comes more….. so if u buy it now you also get xxxx for free” 🤣

  2. Soo, basically an Akizuki which actually has “Defensive AA Fire”. What a trollish company WG is…

    • Uh no. This has deep water torps

    • @Bohdisattva yea ok, because Pan-Asian flavor. But you catch my drift, right? 😉

    • No, basically a Akizuki that is pretty much forced to pick IFHE due to the lack of Akizukis HE pen modifier, unless you want to see any bullet that didn’t hit the superstructure shatter. In a nation with only DD in the tech tree, so even post rework you need a dedicated captain for it.

    • yea it’s the Akizuki class/Fuyutsuki class destroyer, Yoizuki. transferred to the roc in 1947.

  3. So when is this going to be available?

  4. Speaking of Commander Skills. What are your thoughts on the new crap system(my opinion) they have come up with?

  5. Lots of utility. Looks like a good box of gimmicks

  6. Now all we need is a reload booster and a heal

  7. Wait, you want to tell me that you would pick that one over Akizuki? A DD that has:

    – 17mm HE pen, so without you IFHE there is no chance in hell that you can damage high tier DDs outside of their superstructure due to their hull armor being 19mm
    – 2.7s more reload than its tech tree sister, which despite the bump in AP und HE damage means that a 3 turret Harekaze outguns this this in terms of DPM
    – It’s part of the PA tree, which only consists of DDs. Which means that you need a dedicated captain, due to the lack of HE Pen

    If that ship had the original Pen I could live with the reduced DPM and the fact that the torps screw you even harder if you have to fight cruisers and other DDs. Def-AA surely is nice but from a historical POV its a shame that its not a feature on the regular ones.

    I really really can’t understand how you can gloss so much in your review over the fact that you loose the pen values that ANY other DD with this guns has in the game. Sorry, but at that point I can’t take you any more serious. Everyone who played Akizuki before WG bumped their HE pen modifier from 1/6 to 1/4 knows how much you depend on IFHE and that was before WG changed IFHE from 30% and minor fire chance lose to 25% + halfed base fire chance.

    So not even taking about that fact, while any other CC that reviewed the ship does takes away a huge part of credibility. Think it’s time for me to unsubscribe, there is no real information/data gain from watching your channel over others that have 1/3 of your subscriptions but at least don’t gloss over hard facts comparing it to her tech tree original.

    • Here’s the thing, I think with Zoup dealing with raising twins, working night shift and being a CC…I honestly think he’s just not in the right mindset to review ships. He’s clearly exhausted. His Hizen review was full of mistakes (like when he says the Izumo is faster at 29 knots “with a speed flag”…the Hizen ALSO goes 29 knots with a speed flag. He says the guns have the same pen as the Izumo, they don’t, they have the old STOCK Izumo gun features, meaning they don’t have as much pen and so on).

      He’s honestly rushing these out to stay relevant but his ship reviews, especially the last two, have been just absolute garabage because he’s so tired he’s making basic mistakes and spreading Misinformation at worst and outright lies at best. It’s why I don’t tend to watch his videos and instead purely read the comments. Other CCs offer much more indepth and better ship reviews like Sea Lord Mount Batten or Sea Raptor. Either way you shouldn’t be basing your purchasing choice on one sole CC review.

      The fact he doesn’t compare this ship to the ship that it’s meant to be a tweaked clone of, the Akizuki, which it is literally worse in almost EVERY way apart from having harder hitting torps (but they can only hit BBs and CVs…so…yeah…that’s a downgrade anyway). If it kept the 30mm of Pen and the same reload, then it might be an interesting choice but it doesn’t…so it’s literally not worth the cash.

      I remember Zoup USE to post his ship reviews on the NA forums but lately he’s stopped doing it…I think BECAUSE he knows they’re not very good reviews.

  8. Maybe this comment may be a better (or worse) summary of Fen Yang.

    In short, it’s a Akizuki, except that your guns are trash (your guns do jack shit against DD if you didn’t have IFHE, and you still get fucked by most DDs even when spec into guns) as a result of getting lot of consumables and better torpedoes that can only hit BBs and CVs. The AA is slightly improved due to having better armament and DFAA, but it’s nothing impressive if compare to something like Pan European DDs AA.

    I did not have this ship since im poor lol, but i can tell that this ship isn’t for me because of the massive loss of raw firepower that Akizuki does have, and i still think that Fen Yang could use some buffs as I only see the selling point of this ship is having a lot of consumables (Assashio do what Fen Yang does, except it’s better in every way except AA)

    • Honestly I’m not sure WHO this ship is for, the Aki is literally better in every way apart from AA and Torp damage. It’s honestly not worth the cost.

  9. Ofc they gave the Chinese copy one more consumable than the IJN and that is the defensive AA which should has been a thing for all the Akizuki-class long ago, and on top of that this thing has Bofors 40 mm guns + those long range 100 mm so its AA power is already superior to Akizuki even without using defensive AA, LUL

    But yeah because Akizuki has better guns with 3 second reload and 30 mm pen instead of 5 second reload and 17 mm pen, i will stay with my Akizuki.

  10. You heavily lose fire chance with IFHE. You said you played different settings
    with non IFHE and with IFHE. after you mentioned you think IFHE must needed
    it’s doesn’t make sense to me you saying ‘this ships has good fire chance which
    is 10% with Demolition Expert. because that version is without IFHE.

  11. Man those guns hit the Nelson hard!

  12. Thanks Zoup, I enjoy these reviews, they put ships on or off of my radar to acquire.

  13. First it looked like completely useless and watered down Akizuki. Now it seems this thing has a lot more going for it.

    1/6 he penetration and improved AP angles remind bit pre-buff akizuki play where AP’s could solve a lot of your DD problems if you didn’t have inertia fuse. But still Inertia seems to be necessary. Still interesting but skill hungry ship.

  14. Love watching you fire Salvo after Salvo at the Vladivostok….and 0 damage. 😄🤣 Russian vodka!

  15. Václav Posledník

    I think you missed using AP a lot more. This ship has improved AP pen angles and bigger AP dmg then Aki. And with these 100 mm guns, you don’t overpun much (only 16 mm and lower).

  16. So she has the Asashio type of torpedoes (BBs& CVs only) and not the pan-Asia type (BBs, CVs and cruisers)?

  17. Its a Knock Off Akizuki !!
    Really Wargaming……!

  18. “Shooting down aircraft carriers” …lol… just imagine!

  19. Am i the only one slightly perturbed by the fact that this is what the japanese gunboat dds should be like *you know getting dfaa because they were DESIGNED AS AA ESCORTS* but instead we get it as a premium because japan must be forever bad?

  20. It’s an Akizuki (war prize for China) with a few key changes:
    1 – Guns are serious nurf: reload from 3sec to 5.2sec! Penetration from 30mm to 17mm!!! Yes, more alpha damage assuming you can hit armor 17mm or lower!
    2 – Torps are now deep water (BB+CV only) w/ a torp reload module
    3 – AA mid-range is better, but outer range is inferior. Key benefit: Defensive AA

    Summary: Okay for ambushing BBs, but otherwise this puppy is taking a knife to a gun fight.

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