World of Warships – Fight Night – Tier 10 Competitive Matches

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A look at what look like from the Fight Night finale.


  1. three vids in a row this is a good week 😀

  2. My team crushed everything last night really proud of our guys on the Lazy Noobs 😀

  3. Hakuryu of Warbeastyboy never show up once

  4. Tier 10 competition? Nice. Hope this becomes popular and we can see more.

  5. Maximilian Graf Von Spee

    I tend to prefer competitive being T8 as it’s more balanced overall. There are some ships at T10 that are just so non competitive in an environment like that. For example you’d be stupid to play a Montana over Kurfurst or Yamato a hindenburg over Zao ect

  6. 4 Khabs, 2 Zaos and a Hakuryu. Something inside me died.

  7. Ocean for competitive confirmed

    I think even if it was tier X, I would still want to bring an Akizuki. If not I guess Haku but I think that exception should be made. Of course a full build would be needed but when you can just wreck tier X destroyers and swat planes down from 7.2km [tried full AA build, partial success, still missing DF. WGplz] and you’re still pretty stealthy, reaching 6.8km surface with the build I use

  8. okay…but not picking a carrier in a t10 match?… ocean?

  9. this is cool ichase, please give us more

  10. Yamato this, Yamato that! Yamato is an overhyped piece of crap! ?

    That last battle reminds me of the Battle of Leyte Gulf…

  11. I think the King of the Sea spectator approach is better … They start in Hoshos and torp themselves … so nobody from the playing team has to waste concealment or torpedo reload on shooting spectator ships. Other than that, very interesting team compositions…

  12. Gearing! The best support destroyer in the game.

  13. Lol, at 12:12 iChase literally almost lost his breath

  14. similar to chicago wind

  15. Salty semen isn’t sound pleasurable, you know…

  16. I saw the thumbnail and i thought it Said “Fight Nigga” Lol

  17. Nice review video ichase~ Looking forward to see more teams coming in season 2. –team Elder’s Frog.

  18. My friend wants to collaborate with you.

  19. That poor shimakaze lol.That team composition should be called Burned Frogs or Fried ;p

  20. I would like to remind everyone; the Khabarovsk now has a heal. >_>

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