World of Warships: Fighters with Warp Drive (Bug)

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fighters activate their warp drive! A bug that has been around for a long time and has bothered quite a lot.

World of Warships footage of the US Midway.


  1. First

    Notification squadzzz

  2. Midway, right? Looks like something Donald Trump would definitely invest military budget in…

  3. That UI ???

  4. This is your connection to the network maybe!

  5. really thats so old news ..that icon of the planes move to the center point of where the all the planes are so because one plane was destroyed the center point changed ..the icon will be between the all the planes depending on the distance between each plane .one plane probably was way behind and died so the icon adapted its position ..that does not mean that last plane was actually hit by bullets it was randomly choices to be deleted by the game

    • I have more problems with the varying time it takes to turn around and strafe. Sometimes they will turn on a dime, other times they will loiter forever before they get their ass into gear. Sometimes the yellow will lock in close to the planes, other times far away.

    • Nice comment bro! I like how you said “really, that’s so old news”, so edgy, so cool.

  6. Good to see you Aerroon. o7

  7. Set phasers to HAX

  8. Check your connection… when i had terrible connection this stuff was happening like 24/7

  9. The Picard Maneuver.

  10. Teleportation drive, not warp drive. 🙂

  11. That wans`t a plane, was A UFO LOLOL

  12. Михаил Серафимов

    I had a simular bug. While driving my Graf Spee, I noticed how the speed indicator showed something like 1506 kts…

  13. Bug ??? Its called “lag”

  14. So annoying

  15. Lets call that the Star Wars bug. I think I saw Poe pull the same stunt..

  16. The fighter icon is just misleading as to where the actual enemy fighter planes are. Once they engaged your fighters the icon snapped to yours to show they are in combat but the planes were probably still moving in closer.

  17. seeing same thing in T7 cv planes

  18. Star Trek was here

  19. Isn’t that just latency?

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