World of Warships- Fighting The Meta

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Hey guys, today I discuss what its been like trying to fight against the meta in GK and other brawlers, and well….it aint great.

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  1. I’ve been having varying levels of success with gk in the meta. Some matches go great even if there a lot of sniping bbs but I think this has something to do with a few less he spammy cruisers (which I hate just as much as thunderer). Other matches go pretty rough. As much as I hate to admit it I have been gettin a little enjoyment out of midway this update cause all the bbs sitting in the back causes the teams to split up more and gimme easy pickings

    • Tbh, lately when playing GK most of my matches end up with me dying at the start of the match with only 5 or 10k damage done… it gets pretty frustrating… and i know im doing something wrong but this whole thing shouldnt be like this, you get detected from the moon and inmediately HE spammed to death before you can even shoot anything… its crazy

    • i just don’t do t10 battles . just grind them to get the research points or clan brawls/battles

  2. I agree with the statement that deadeye is game breaking but you can’t blame the player base for playing the new meta.

  3. I got a triple kill in my FDG yesterday but charging a Yamy. It’s tough for brawlers but explosive like nothing else when it pops off.

  4. If they make it so when deadeye is active chance of setting a fire == 0, that would be a start.

  5. Scabeiathax Novastorm

    I don’t think Thunderer was OP before, but it was clearly right on the cusp. What it didn’t need was a buff.

    • for me the only problem with that ship before the update was the insane fire chance, two volleys are almost guaranteed 6 fires

    • Just cut the burnchance in half or nerf the sigma … dead eye isnt really worth it … despite videos saying otherwise. You can dodge shots more easily now … Yama can hit you hard if you are driving in a straight line showing your broadside, yes there are such potato players but as soon as you use your rudder and throttle, Yama becomes too accurate to hit you even with a stray bullet.

      Slavas and Yamas are useless now when they roam at maxrange with deadeye, only thunderer and his broken HE can profit from this patch.

    • I am also a thunderer owner, luckily it doesn’t make credit as Missouri. And also thunderer is really vulnerable to fire itself as well, so when I am playing ships like Henry, I usually prioritize shooting thunderer and distract it from aim our ally’s BBs, which sometimes worked

  6. Andres Gallardo Garcia

    Wargaming say over and over that in the future (not distant) the introduction of submarines is yes or yes, so u really think u can brawl anyway with submarines doing their job in the midle of the map? Only deadeye can do BB playable in the future or be meat for torpedos.

  7. German battleships were always trying to be a sniper even before the rework on my teams

    • What makes that insane is how bad German dispersion has always seemed to be. It is downright trolly at anything past the 15-17k range.

    • there are also those, that think they are a large torpedo boat.

    • And? So was every BB player? WG just decided that only Germany should be gimped with meh armor and bad guns. Soviet BBs at least got better guns the closer you got and good armor.

    • @dougalachi yeah, Russian BBs are straight up Bias at that point. And I grinded GK and Kremlin.

    • @dougalachi only when soviet battleships get closer? I somehow think this talk about soviet ships being inaccurate at longer ranges, is a myth.

  8. i am a thunderer owner and i think this should be removed
    it is just disgusting what is possible when you sit 22km away and spam HE

  9. If a bit on nerf to the Deadeye and a little buff to the secondary if will work just great

  10. Before the patch i had 80% of my battles played in BBs and now I started playing light cruisers. I didn’t know how much fun they are.

    • Trust me, i got into light cruisers too, they’re insanely fun until some point, when it gets boring to just sit there and brrrrrrrr…. thats why i got into cv’s, and man, lexington is insanely fun!!!

    • @jupiter yeah but i don’t like CV as a ship type. I know it’s fun to play them but they are too strong if played correctly.

  11. I swear some people play this game solely to annoy their teammates. I mean, they can’t be _trying_ to lose, can they?

    Can they?

    • Actually they are…

    • I have had a teammate admit he was trying to lose and even started telling the enemy team our positions

    • What you never been attacked buy a teammate yet? Been playing long? I have been attacked in spawn had fellow players report my other team members positions to the enemy the list goes on and on. Under the current meta it will get worse.

    • @KingKatRider oh I absolutely have been shot by a teammate in spawn. Hit me for 3700 damage. I turned my guns on him and told him if he did it again I’d sink him. I’ve been torpedoed deliberately by teammates just for existing. I’ve been reported for doing nothing when I was the only one doing anything at all and finished first on the team with 170k and 4 kills. My team managed to kill one ship besides the ones I killed. There are just so many idiots out there it makes you sick and makes the game less fun. If I wanted drama, I’d talk to my gf

  12. Have you seen dead eye on a Vermont recently? Or a Yammie? Very little difference between them and a Thunderer, except for the reload time.

    • Yeah its funto get blasted for half your health by a Vermont sitting 28km away while u cant citadel him at that range in your GK or whatever.

    • @Emp exactly. It’s no different from the Thunderer. I’m not using dead eye on any of my ships, I mainly play BB’s.

    • That’s still balanced tho, who would’ve thought that increasing accuracy on a sniping ship whilst simaltaneously letting every ship sit in the backline would benefit a yamato? It’s just that most players now don’t push a yamatos weakness of being sluggish and prone to fires because they’re not pushing in. Ofcourse you will lose your hp sniping in the back vs a yamato, what did you expect?

  13. Just remember the Dock yard even at the moment, one of the challenges requires 120 fire started with a bb so this is going to severely increase the use of fires at the moment.

  14. i dont realy mind the enemy BBs sitting in the back somewhere, makes capping easier. then i fall back a bit to guard the cap and have plenty of backup from my sniping BBs.
    seriously, when was the last time you have seen a good brawler? most just run through a cap into a 4v1 and are dead at minute 10 like mister SLM over here.
    has never worked, will never work. rework or not.
    a good brawler stays at 12km and uses islandcover to change what would be a 4v1 into a 1v1.

    • And while using island cover you get focused by the richtofen/FDR because you aren’t moving much and die faster than you would to the 4v1. Most brawlers rush because they’re frustrated that you have to play 10 games to have one decent game, because half the time in a german ship you’ve taken 50k damage from HE and 25+km shots at you while being CV spotted before you’ve even managed to get to one side of the map.

  15. Trying to get a refund for my mass, only reason I played it was for secondaries

  16. Thoughts: the easiest way to fix deadeye is to remove the “detected” qualifier from ships in range. If you’re spotted, make it so it doesn’t exist. Now aggressive sneaky and invisible destroyers can remove the deadeye buff from an entire team. Works even better if deadeye gets a downside like “increases dispersion by 10% if detected.” The idea then becomes “if destroyers are competent snipers do more harm than good on your team, if destroyers are not, then snipers reign supreme”. Note this requires fixing carriers too… but that’s a whole ‘nother rant. This concludes my random rant that no one asked form, I now return you to your regularly scheduled scrolling.

  17. I had a game yesterday where out of the 10 battleships, 7 were Thunderer’s, 2 were Conqueror’s and then 1 yamato. I did not last very long nor did i have fun in my little moskva

  18. I wonder what the thought process behind DE was: Common sense says: this will break the game. The feedback was: this will break the game. Oh look, it actually breaks the game.

  19. I just got the WOWS survey today, and I told them how trash Dead Eye was. I hope that perk gets removed.

  20. Play Georgia. Secondary spec with reload boost when target in secondary range. Fun. Charged a thunderer down the other day and smashed him.

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