World of Warships – Fighting your counters

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As a DD pretty much everything is aimed at you and you’re getting countered almost every step of the way by basically everyone. BUT there are certain ships which are specifically designed to kill you and counter you, there are a couple of the them in this match and I’m gonna end up fighting all of them.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. 0:55 ooooo I wish I could have seen your chat punish you for that comment 😛

  2. Adrian Martin Assembly

    Hi Flambass, hope everything is ok with u. When are u gonna play with the new european dd’s? I’m very interested to see how do u play with them. Keep the vids coming.

  3. 19:06 MURDERER
    i don’t know what to say other than that 🙂

  4. If you Carry against a Carrier, does that make you the Carrier?

  5. 12:35 when you try to focus your secondaries in a dd and then pretend showing something on the minimap:D

  6. Well played specially using so good that British smokes

  7. Full HP Conqueror, who would have guessed?

  8. Any time there is a carrier in play its really hard to have any fun.

  9. “like a deadsquad trying to catch you ” but you dodged them like a ninja Flambass keep up the good work ; )

  10. Me: You can’t take a DD into a fight with two enemy DDs and a Smolensk and expect to win.
    Flambass: Hold my beer.

  11. stefanos perivolaris

    I think they should stop making ships for a while and solve some gameplay mechanics and problems

    • No need. Make new ships. New ships make money.

    • ship making and gameplay mechanics should be 2 different departments, so they should be able to do both at the same time – IF they wanted to.

    • stefanos perivolaris

      @Th. K. yes we already have many lines of tech trees premiums too
      I ld like to add more maps gameplay physics something worth playing for instead of a mm full of premiums or full of maps where a single tactic making it dull

    • stefanos perivolaris

      @heardistance take a look at spreadsheet

  12. Man Flambino sure does love his Daring.

  13. “You can play with your fingers”… Yep that is when you should stop mate :D!!!

  14. Wow! That duel with the Smolensk and the carrier planes at the end. Dreadnought in a Destroyer! There’s a carry.

  15. Smolensk kill was extra awesome…better only is where you killed two of them on Two Brothers map.

  16. we love to draw and here we have seen Raphael painting. Ciao

  17. The Lord of the Memes

    I can imagine the amount of gachibass, and gachihyper going through the chat from those opening comments

  18. wow, interesting match. Still have to grind my way to Daring

  19. Watching a game like this makes me realise play at a different level to mine. Just amazing , even the opposition. Refreshing noting how many blowouts lately.

  20. LOL ! This match reminds me of the board game ”Battleship” where you have to guess where enemy put his ships on the board. Hilarious.

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