World of warships – Fights for NA

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I decided to visit with AXIS ALLIES.
We were rly tight with players but we managed to get just enough.
The games were totally insane and rly fun.
I was joined by NA CC and streamer Vulgarr Viking which was coordinating other team and he did a pretty good job.


  1. good videos Flambass 🙂

  2. skeletaur skull night

    it’s à flambass vidéo so it’s perfect

  3. Is it still a stream snip is both sides are streaming and are open about the stream? Anyway, good game though XD

  4. was a blast

  5. I would love to get into one of our NA axis vs allies battles

    • You’re more than welcome to join, just have to keep track on my stream when is going to be the next time I come to NA

  6. If you need a player for NA let me know I will play.

  7. I wish I had known this was going on. I would have tried to join, even though i suck

    • We are all here to learn, make sure you follow me on twitch, I’m not sure when will I do it again on NA but I will be doing it again for sure

    • I do Flambass, I usually watch you on my lunch breaks. Enjoy your stream. Keep up the great content.

  8. for somebody that uses German phrases a lot you sure butchered “Feuerschwert” 😀

  9. nice video! good to see a match where everyone have fun, no whining, no toxic people…

  10. I bet you didn’t have a whole lot of participation because people just didn’t know it was happening. I think you’ll get more participation on NA next time, now that you’ve got this video up

  11. That was fun to watch; your reaction to events is priceless!

  12. DO THIS AGAIN….PLEASE!! I was out of the house this Sunday I will hop on for SURE.

  13. Didn’t know you would do them on the NA server.

  14. John Chucky Tomlinson

    GG the Axis pulled out a major WIN!! to show it’s never over til its over.. That had to be the BIGGEST come back Ive ever seen in W.O.W.?

  15. How would we find out when this is happening again? Would love to play in it when you do it again.

  16. DAMMIT!!! I missed it on the NA server!

  17. love it! keep them coming!

  18. GG Flambass, that looked fun! 😀

  19. DAMMNN, coming back from a 189 to 910 points deficit to WIN BY POINTS! WOWW!

  20. Russell Wishart

    I wasn’t going to watch this, but I am very glad I did. Epic battle indeed…

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