World of warships – Fights for NA

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I decided to visit NA with AXIS vs ALLIES.
We were rly tight with players but we managed to get just enough.
The games were totally insane and rly fun.
I was joined by NA CC and streamer Vulgarr Viking which was coordinating other team and he did a pretty good job.


  1. good videos Flambass 🙂

  2. skeletaur skull night

    it’s à flambass vidéo so it’s perfect

  3. Is it still a stream snip is both sides are streaming and are open about the stream? Anyway, good game though XD

  4. was a blast

  5. I would love to get into one of our NA axis vs allies battles

    • You’re more than welcome to join, just have to keep track on my stream when is going to be the next time I come to NA

  6. If you need a player for NA let me know I will play.

  7. I wish I had known this was going on. I would have tried to join, even though i suck

    • We are all here to learn, make sure you follow me on twitch, I’m not sure when will I do it again on NA but I will be doing it again for sure

    • I do Flambass, I usually watch you on my lunch breaks. Enjoy your stream. Keep up the great content.

  8. for somebody that uses German phrases a lot you sure butchered “Feuerschwert” 😀

  9. nice video! good to see a match where everyone have fun, no whining, no toxic people…

  10. I bet you didn’t have a whole lot of participation because people just didn’t know it was happening. I think you’ll get more participation on NA next time, now that you’ve got this video up

  11. That was fun to watch; your reaction to events is priceless!

  12. DO THIS AGAIN….PLEASE!! I was out of the house this Sunday I will hop on for SURE.

  13. Didn’t know you would do them on the NA server.

  14. John Chucky Tomlinson

    GG the Axis pulled out a major WIN!! to show it’s never over til its over.. That had to be the BIGGEST come back Ive ever seen in W.O.W.🚢

  15. How would we find out when this is happening again? Would love to play in it when you do it again.

  16. DAMMIT!!! I missed it on the NA server!

  17. love it! keep them coming!

  18. GG Flambass, that looked fun! 😀

  19. DAMMNN, coming back from a 189 to 910 points deficit to WIN BY POINTS! WOWW!

  20. Russell Wishart

    I wasn’t going to watch this, but I am very glad I did. Epic battle indeed…

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