World of Warships – Fiji Action Packed Shards

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Fiji on Shards by Drazyx moves toward the A point of Shard in a effort engage enemies. A enemy cruiser and destroyer attempt to capture A point. Drazyx engages the enemies, he progressed toward A where more enemies show up. The fight for A is and intense, Drazyx moves to capture the point for the team. Hope you enjoy the fight for A and have a wonderful !

British Cruiser Fiji Replay


  1. KRST “Aez77” ikon

    4:56 Celebrate the breast.

  2. How do normal players advance so far up the line within a matter of a few
    days? Are they playing 24/7 or free xp’ing their way past low tier ships in
    the lines??

    Playing against the British cruiser line really highlights the overall
    issues with cruiser game play in the current meta. The British cruisers are
    like a bunch of Pensacola’s and Nurnbergs.
    What do they say about detonations for DD’s? Fun and engaging game
    mechanics.. At least chances of DD detonations can be reduced and don’t
    happen all that often, unlike cruisers and their floating citidels that can
    be wrecked by anyone who can shoot and even by lucky RNG shots.

  3. What if Kitakami had the single launch torpedoes… We can all dream

  4. You know a tech tree is bad when they say the Tier VI or VII is when things
    start getting good.

  5. Lucky guy getting a tier 7 match. All I seem to get is tier 9 in my Fiji

  6. if the british would get ultra high pen AP, like much better with than the
    German and Russian AP, would it be overpowered, as the RN doesn’t have HE
    and also quite squishy armor?

  7. With the British CL AP, you can get somewhere b/w 1-2k damage on BB
    superstructures per salvo. Not much, but it adds up.

  8. Hey Notser, re the premium consumables, might be just me but I only
    recently worked out you can use credits to buy them rather than doubloons.
    It’s not very obvious in my opinion on clicking the little arrow to change
    currency. May be worth a short vid. 

  9. the single lauch torp system is great but i think the best part is the
    acceleration and the fact that you dont lose speed in a turn

  10. Maybe he didn’t want to be broadside on to a Bayern that close so he was
    sailing away so the konigsberg was the more prime target instead of him.
    Just my guess.

  11. When he fired at the Mutsuki I almost wanted to yell, “Fire HE,” and then I
    realized how dumb RN CLs are…

  12. Drazyx, you kill securing troll, you…

  13. That guys gets distracted very easily.

  14. @Notser Would you consider a replay from a _PA account? Had a pretty
    dramatic 4 kill ranked battle in the Benson. Never submitted before but
    after seeing this I thought I’d ask. Wish the Benson had that single file
    torpedo targeting. :/

  15. Thanks for a great review, Nots— never let the turkeys get you down. ?

  16. He’s slow on the trigger sometimes but man, what a cool headed game! I
    really have to give him credit for his patience with the New Mexico. It’s a
    lessen to many faster paced players that it can pay off. Great upload!

  17. That was such cool play back at A point, I had to go watch it all a 2nd

  18. on the way in to work this morning at the Navy Base in Norfolk Va. There
    was an electronic WOWs billboard on the Interstate

  19. hahah im from the country fiji they named it after my country funny snice
    we was under britian

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