World of Warships – Fiji Falls for It

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on Trident moves out to assault the enemies in the west, I setup inside smoke and try to work them down. The enemy is really passive, which forces me to look for targets that get too close. After most of my team dies, I have to try and bring back the game. A couple interesting choices lead me to a weird finish. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Fiji Replay


  1. at notser I’m early again!

  2. Well played Notser, loving the vids

  3. Taken me some time to get used to your style of presenting, come to like it now.
    ( robby robertson: “you like it now, you will learn to love it later”)
    Keep it up, and i keep watching.

  4. I got a citadel on a Wyoming once. With a Danae. I have no clue how it happened.

  5. Yes, your typical impatience. Certain kill with the hydro, but you died all due to not wanting to wait 7-9 seconds.
    That’s being pretty picky, however. Your team was largely worthless without you.

  6. For some reason i feel like ive seen this game before

  7. Unlocked the Fiji yesterday. I didn’t think it would get any better from Leander OH BOY WAS I WRONG. They’re so easy to do well in

  8. I have seen a Fiji citadel a FDG before

  9. This is a total fail video… not even once, not once Notser run into an island… what kind of game is this??? 😛

  10. Вадим Анохин

    Оказывается на европейском сервере то же недоделанные имбецилы которые сливают победные бои есть. ) Круто.

  11. Switch to HE Notser!!!

  12. Last hope, with about a minute remaining is a nearly full health BB. I’ll bet you win this. 😉 Edit: Haha. “Friendly BB should be able to get the kill…oh he missed the shot.”

  13. Hey Noster i hear that WOWS plans to do something with submarines. Are you going to name a video about that?

  14. the torture never stops… with those “team” members

  15. Surface detect of 10.1km you say? 😉

  16. Gareth Fairclough

    Not Mut-sucky. It’s “Mut-cyka”!

  17. You didn’t need hydro at the end, you didn’t commit to pushing the smoke, you skirted it rather than going in. if you had entered the cloud, you would have been off of his stern and had the upper hand. you also could have led into the cloud with torps.

  18. Hydro would not have changed anything, you were too close.

  19. Complaetely honest. There should be separate Heavy cruiser and light cruiser branches. Allows for more ships but also the two types are very different. Heavy cruisers are primarily AA, bombardment, command ships, and gunnery support while light cruisers are designed typically to go after destroyers and harass the larger ships. Two different roles in the real world and two different play styles in game.

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