World of Warships – Fiji the British carry

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Probably one of the best british cruiser tier for tier and here you get to see it.

Sry for the lack of video yesterday but I forgot to schedule the release and I was too tired and lacking sleep to get up early.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. One of my favourite ships! A beast if played right.

  2. thought that said ‘british carrier’ for a sec there.

  3. Recently upgraded from Fiji to Edinburgh, cant what to see how well it goes

    • Funny enough I am way better in Edin than in Fiji. Once it was upgraded I really liked Edinburgh.

    • It’s also statistically more radars in your games, because you won’t encounter tier V anymore, from V-IX to VI-X, you go from 23 possible radar ships to 34, not to mention those are pretty popular (because you’ll encounter much more Smolensk/Stalingrad/Petro than Atlantas or Belfast)

    • @Ipatchy Makouli Good point. Your smoke is less often useful as concealment.

    • I’ve had a lot of fun and a lot of rage induced with Eddy. I’ve also found that nobody expects a radar Edinburgh and she can be quite devastating to DDs caught with their pants down, thinking you can’t spot them. Adjusting to encountering so many radar ships took me a while.

    • @Kloppertjes Radar Edin is one of the few that has stealth radar capability. I was so frustrated with Edin, that once I switched to running radar instead of smoke, I actually had a bit more fun with it. But yeah, DD spots you, they expect you to smoke up, they absolutely don’t expect you to light them up for your team with a 10km radar range!

  4. Bula Bula! 😀

    (Bula being the Fijian word for hello).

  5. Man, that first salvo on the Schors! Nice!

  6. Ib Erik Söderblom

    Fiji is one of my absolute favorites. Just needs time to improve using her.

  7. I only play WoW on the console and love it. Not as many control options as you PC guys but still a great game

  8. Richard Setya Budi

    Fiji is a beast, i carried lot of tier 9 games with her

  9. fiji just as I remember it. powerful and unstoppable. seriously, my richelieu stops in less time than this ship

  10. Fiji is a real good ship, especially when well played !

  11. what makes these british guns so good though? The AP feels very potent, just want to know what makes them so nice

  12. Note the stellar play of the friendly Edinburgh reversing on the 9 line the second half of the game.

  13. 14:14 what the hell was that
    did Fiji become a carrier for half a second or is it a background or something

  14. Is it “Britisch Light Cruiser Week” on Waifus channel?

  15. Got a Kraken the other night playing Leander and I have to say I was not expecting to be able to do that with a light cruiser. Kinda looking forward to going down this line

  16. Its actually not bad on console, you only have 7 tiers and no carriers tho. I have more fun on the PC version

  17. He’s not wrong about the console version… we need a bunch of QoL improvements. We’ve only just gotten map pinging 1 patch ago, and still have no armor view. But hey no carriers yet 😁

  18. The enemy’s tier VII cruiser came in dead last for them…if only every team had a Flambass 😛

  19. So am I the only one that has been getting this weird ass lag spikes. Also weird glitches at the end of a battle. What is up with that.

  20. Ahhh, Fiji… a ship whose biggest problem is that it’s almost *too* big an upgrade over the predecessor. Leander’s… not a bad ship, but middling for the tier. Fiji is possibly the best Tier 7 ship… so good that people think she’s better than Edinburgh… she’s not, and Edi’s a good ship, too, but after the massive leap from Leander to Fiji, Fiji to Edi feels almost underwhelming.

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