World of Warships – Filthy ships

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New Halloween mode is here and I tried pretty much all ships. I gotta say they all have their flavor but some are simply more powerful than others, or more useful. I quite like the mode, but no truce. I like challenge and while I do understand why so many ppl apparently want truce, I personally think it kills the fun. I don’t mind ppl going for it but not in my game xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. 10s torp reload Fossil 🙂

  2. 3:05 “Holy Jesus, that was loud!” (Me whenever some sub triggers the scream/explosion followed by the droning voice bot on your stream recordings)

  3. I played it once and now I’m over it.

  4. Well you filthy raider, as long as you state your Business at the beginning they are prepeared

  5. Yeah I just play when I can.. Am still getting pumped lol on BBS and DDS. Got a lot of learning ahead of me. Had ago at this it was ok prefer to stick,with normal warships

  6. Turret traverse on BB is so slow. Enemy DD’s can just run circles around you and torp at will. But at least BB’s can easily tank 40 torps and still have half their health left.

  7. Lol surprised me when they did not truce lol

  8. Shouldn’t “filth” be represented as plastic straws? ?

  9. 6:30 10 seconds torp reload… Fossil is so fun to play you should try it too
    It has the same consumable like the chapa in sunray in the dark (2nd Halloween mission) and a 90% dmg reduction with a 1k/sec heal

  10. a tip which appears to be right, Rasputin always appears at either B2 or B9 on the mini map (mentioned on other content vid)

  11. agreeed.

  12. Lol this is the only mode where both teams actually declare a truce

  13. I love this mode, it’s so chill when everyone agrees to a truce

  14. The best thing about the Halloween event is the elite commander XP.

  15. lol “how fast can you Sh*t torpedoes???”

  16. Lmao you’re supposed to last stand in BBs and agree to truce, unless you’re powerful enough to eliminate any other player. That way you maximize income

    Agree to truce as in

    Get a surprise torpedo in

  17. i play for the stuff and credits i make (+300k a game, that alot 4 me)

  18. i feel its never worth going for the rasputin as you rarely get out alive after..his dd’s keep sspawning long after he is dead

    • If you’re in a 3 man division it’s pretty easy. I played a shitload of games killing Rasputin yesterday and we only lost a single ship twice. Never lost more than one ship, although I have to admit it was a Friday evening, so the player competition wasn’t of the highest quality. Went all the way from 2 to 8 tries for the T10 cammo (then I found it), so it must have been around 20 games.
      Crocosaurus to charge in and ram Rasputin while healing itself ~3k hp/sec, Scorpioid to keep 5km back and emergency-invincible the Croc if necessary (and to provide additional healing for everybody along the way) and an Angler to speed things up because the Scorp is painfully slow. Replace the Angler with a Octodroid if you have troubles against other humans.
      Don’t forget to take Last Stand on your BBs – especially the Croc that’s going to charge into all the Mutant-torps to reach Rasputin – and you’re set!
      2.5k filth for 16 minutes of playtime – we were pretty damn consistent at the end of the evening and nearly always reached the gate with ~3:50 minutes remaining.

  19. The ships get way better as you progress .. scorpio can heal everyone

  20. Correction: If you meet flambass in this mode, Run.

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