World of Warships – Finalized Ships for 7.10

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Wargaming shared some ships in their final form on the PTS, I share my thoughts on the finalized ships. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII French Le Terrible Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Where is my ALASKA!!!! lol. I’ve saved so much XP for it.

  2. Thanks for the update.
    What about the T10 BB Bourgogne? Any news about that?
    Some CCs mentioned it’s already where they want it to be…so…I’m very curious about that release =)

  3. Any news on P.E. Friedrich?

  4. It’s the way of WG to troll the French ;-D An always retreating boat with a name that tells exactly what’s inside the can 😉

    • Which is a shame considering the war service of this ship during WW2. It saw action in several battles and was far from running away from a fight, on the contrary. For instance, during the attack at Mers el Kebir, it was one of the rare ship to sortie to engage the British destroyers and try to torpedo their Battleships.

    • Also if I remember correctly, Le Terrible was one of the fastest destroyers of its time period.

    • +feels_bad-man you can also read blyscawica was the DD with the strongest as at her time. She got almost no aa at all in-game…

  5. Still saving my resources for the Alaska and Bourgonge.

  6. I am confused why you would be “always” spotted after the CV rework? From my understanding so far the main feature of the CV rework is only 1 squadron of airplanes in the air at any given time. They control whatever squadron they`ve choosen, do their strike and return.
    Theoretically they could hover above a DD but it seems unlikely you would cruiser around and waste time for spotting a DD if you have to do all your strikes for a game in sequence. I imagine reworked CV have little time to keep ships spooted with empty squadrons or a squadron which isn`t the right option for a strike.

    • Gonna be a ton of people playing CV and they’ve mentioned somewhere they want more than 1-2 per team

    • I really hope they won`t allow more than 2 CV per team. It would be odd for them to say “yes by now we think CV`s are way to powerful in spotting” and then reproduce the same problem with multiple squadrons in the air only controlled by more players.
      I would assume one way or the other they will reduce the ability for spotting half the enemy team permanently.
      Anyhow – it doesn`t change much about how Le Terrible seems to be an awful DD, spotting or not.

    • Just have to wait and see unfortunately. Those AA builds might have to make a comeback lol

    • Even three CV’s per team would mean fewer plane squadrons in the air than now. And by spotting any CV would sacrifice 100% of her strike capability. There’s just now way it’s going to be worse for DD’s than now.

    • I don’t disagree, just saying what I heard. Even if there’s 4-5 squads out it’s still wayyyy better than now, but there’s nothing (as of yet) to keep someone from perma-spotting a DD if they so choose.

  7. Le Terrible I would give the option to ditch the reload to get smoke. So you lose the refire rate but get a hidey hole.

  8. If WG wants Le Terrible to fulfill the DD hunter role she will need smoke.

  9. Are you kidding me ? It’s final ?! Someone in WG saw the Terrible and said “yeah it’s working very well, peoples will love it” ?
    Sigh…. if only they treated it normally like the Russian DDs instead of making it gimmicky at all cost : remove reload booster, give it 5 sec reload, a smoke and maybe a heal and it would have been perfectly fine but noooo…. WG has to force weird gimmick and ruin the French DDs.

    • I just saw the recent devblog that gave Le Terrible its 5 sec reload back and balanced the RB and detection, which is good. Now the only thing it lacks to be fine is at least one defensive consummable. I think a good option would be to give it a Heal and then give a choice between either a smoke or the reload booster like on the Japanese DDs. That way you could either play it the traditional way with standard 12 rpm ROF and smoke + heal (russian style) or go YOLO mode with RB and no smoke to hunt down enemy DDs, but at least you still have a heal to support the aggressive playstyle and keeping you in the game instead of suicide everytime.

    • What do you mean with Russian DDs ? Khaba was displaced from top damage dealer by Harugumo and soon to be released Daring will manage as well.

    • I mean how they were designed (stats and consummables). The Russian Flotilla leaders such as the Leningrad or Tashkent were designed to copy the French “contre-torpilleur” such as the Aigle or Vauquelin class (Le Terrible was built at the same time as the Leningrad). They should perform in the same role being large gun boats with high speed and bad concealement and the guns act somehow similar (5 sec reload, high alpha, long range, etc…).

      But the Russian DDs didn’t get weird gimmicky consummable, they just got their stats tweaked stray up. They have the standards DD consummable and have access to a heal at high tier to help them in their gunboat role so they won’t just die instantly but here for Le Terrible and maybe the future high tier French DDs, because WG want to force the reload booster gimmick on it at all cost, they completely removed any defensive means ; no smoke nor heal, you are defenseless (imagine the Tashkent and Khaba with no smoke and no heal…..). If Le Terrible had no reload booster but a smoke instead, it woul be similar to a Russian gunboat design.

  10. So its a French DD that has to run away from the fight? Working as intended!

  11. Adam Fauzy Hafiddin

    Unless wargaming introduce ship race, Im not going to buy Le Terrible

  12. I were excited about this ship… La Fantasque-class ship and it turns out to really be Le Terrible…

  13. This is why when they do their “beta testing” of CV’s, because Wargaming said IF IT GOES WELL they would implement it, this rework is still an IF not a WHEN, some of us are still fighting it and trying to push any number of alternatives that will actually FIX the issues – like perma spotting, like the skill gap, like alpha strikes of doom. That surprising miss on your DD? likely gone in the rework. Perma spotting, worse than ever. The system we have now CAN work, it just needs the right numbers changed for a change. It needs Strafing damage boost lowered, it needs CV alpha damage lowered, it’s needs the balance of plane HP and AA DPS reworked from tiers 5-10 to have a more consistent, and reasonable, chance to down planes in both directions, USN DB’s need to be more consistent that means upping accuracy on HE bombs a bit, we need to lower USN DPS, and up the HP of at least the attack planes of it so they rely on durability, not speed while IJN relies solely on speed and not having more HP and speed both than USN planes, get rid of the broken 2,2,2 on Midway and give it back 2,1,3 as an option to go with a return to AS options with fighters balanced, want to give UK/USN rockets as an option, do it and lower the aerial spotting range of DD’s if not all ships. You could make the aerial spotting ranges of all DD’s.5 km ad I won’t bat an eye, as a CV player. Cause on the list of “ships that should be scouting” – we are 3rd or 4th depending on rewards category.
    THIS is how you fix CV’s – This solves the fighter vs fighter issues, reducing strafe to mostly a group accuracy debuff pulls the focus off fighters and dramatically reduces the skill gap, combined with massive alpha nerfs that reduce the gap between manual drop and auto drop damage significantly, further reducing that gap as there’s a difference of manual drop scoring say 4000 damage more instead of 40000 more, while also mostly solving the issue that is manual drop nuking ships, short of maybe a DD that’s really bad at dodging and a detonation, this generally serves perma spotting and while were tweaking AA maybe we see about making DD’s a little better, or at least with it off now, it’s damn near impossible to spot them or stay on them when you do, and at the range they are spotted even the lowest range AA weapons can hit them. AS and strike gives us options, because we should have options, but balancing them out with AS and Strike having matching number of fighter groups, regardless of nation, means you know going you have as many fighters as they do, or one less, and you adjust accordingly. More accurate HE bombs, with high durability, reestablishes USN’s flavour – DB centered, as a thing, makes them useful again, and because it’s planes are more like a battering ram – gives them a clear target – cruisers. While IJN TB’s are still more ideal for anti-BB work. With UK and Germany have the extreme TB and DB only options making them major capital ship hunter (IJN being a bit more omnivorous) and Germany being more a DD hunter killer. REworking the AA DPS and plane HP relationship so that it goes up a bit more consistently will solve attrition mostly combined with the strafe change, and fix -2 CV’s having air groups truly decimated, and -2 ships having no affect on aircraft at certain tiers. And what I mean by this is if the average AA DPS is 300 at tier 5, then 6 is 350, 7 is 400, 8 is 450, 9 is 500, 10 is 550, and plane HP is say, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300 purely as an example. Where as a line that’s supposed to be better at AA, USN, has a number a bit higher than the 300 at tier 5, maybe 330, and something meant to be worse at 270, a USN plane, meant to be tankier maybe has 850 hp and IJN meant to be weaker 770. But a more consistent rate of shoot down chance through the tiers, knowing that you have say a 20-30% chance depending on build every second against a CV two tiers higher, and closer to 50% when it’s a -2 CV. Again example as 50% is a bit much.

    And y’know what, maybe aside from recombining AA and secondary mod 2 into one thing again, maybe we make a DD special one that for those with main guns that double as AA, or just AA in general, gives those main battery increases for dispersion, tub turn rate, etc, but boosts the AA as well.

    The system we have is better than that joke they developed that is basically playing in plane chase view with the alt key locked down, we just have to make the tweaks it really needs.

    • Except perma-spotting would not be worse than ever. On one target it will be about the same but even that is questionable. Under the new system a CV won’t be able to keep several ships spotted at the same time. Add that on to ships being able to shoot down planes more effectively, especially those under short range AA, and DD’s should be able to deal with spotting a lot more easily. And news flash, that DB squadron SHOULD have killed him. Slow moving, not maneuvering? Should have been dead. RNG just blessed him and screwed the CV captain. The new system removes a lot of the RNG from the equation, which is by all means a good thing.

      Furthermore, you don’t understand the rework. I don’t like it personally, much prefer the RTS style, but this rework is not about us, or about making a more workable system. Its about attracting more players to CV’s. The current system is completely fixable, I play another naval game with CV’s in almost the exact same style that’s pretty balanced. The issue is, even if they did that the numbers of people playing them would be low. Even if it reattracted old fans. The new system is meant to attract people who enjoy the game play of the other ship types, something more tangible then having an overheard view, something that feels more actiony. And regardless of how much you, me, or the old guard grumble it WILL attract a larger playerbase than we have currently, if for no other reason than because it is easier.

    • Any of you who fight the rework are retarded and deserved to be banned. SUpporting the status quo for ANY reason is retarded to begin with.

  14. Prinz Eitel Friedrich 🙁

  15. wg thought since every ship has radar, why bother giving “terrible” a smoke screen
    makes sense…

  16. Can’t wait for the LOOT BOX world ban

  17. I think i speak for everyone when I say; you’re gonna need to show us the picture of your cat in the haunted house.

  18. I object to the Jean Bart not as much on grounds of gameplay, but on grounds of suspension of disbelief. Jean Bart is supposed to be the equal of the Iowa or Yamato class ships now? That’s just stupid. Nor did I see anyone clamoring for premiums with more gimmicks. I know it’s an arcade game and stuff, but come on… we’re starting to reach levels where they might as well just introduce the attack dolphin class.

    • Snagabott the attack dolphin sounds like a great idea

    • Yes. I would also like an attack dolphin consumable 😉

    • Why is it so unbelievable that Jean Bart, as completed in 1955, would be the equal of Iowa? And Yamato is still a tier 10, not 9.

    • Musashi is a Yamato class and she is T9 (she probably shouldn’t have been, but what can you do…).

      Jean Bart is a 1935 base design, so 4 years earlier than Iowa. Even if you forget about the sorry state she was in for most of her short career (she was never given the love she deserved), you can just look at the raw stats. Iowa is simply a larger (45k vs 35k) and faster (33kts vs 32kts) ship with a much heavier broadside (11025kg vs 7080kg) consisting of shells with more penetration. Gun laying equipment was as good or better both in 1940 and in 1955. It was also slightly better protected if we are to believe this analysis:

      So, no. Jean Bart does not measure up to the Iowa.

    • As completed, Jean Bart was 42.8k tons standard. Then again, Iowa ended up being 48k tons standard.

      And gameplay-wise, the all-forward gun layout is a much bigger advantage in World of Warships than it was in reality. In reality it simply allowed for for the citadel to be concentrated into a smaller area so that less weight would need to be devoted to armor. But in WoWS, bow-tanking is a thing and armor angling is a far bigger factor than it was in real naval combat.

  19. A few requests/suggestions for Wargaming, if you wouldn’t mind passing them on:
    1. Remove the ability of the aircraft to spot through the islands/mountains; similar situation to the radar/island issue.
    2. Remove the “Honor to Heroes” display on the Port page; it is really not needed.
    3. Remove the display of awards from the right side, central location. Countless times I’ve been trying to fire a salvo and have had an award block a clear view. Showing the awards in the upper right corner is fine, just not in the battlefield field of view.
    Thank you!

    • Islands already block LoS for aircraft, they have to be between the aircraft and you.

      The rest of that is you either having a screen too small or making a declaration based on your petty worthless opinion as if you mattered more than everyone else. Go the fuck away you bitch.

  20. DAY 500; Still waiting on Prinz Eitel Friedrich

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